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— Monday, September 12, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:05:59 AM ET

Message from Apoc

Aaron "Apoc" Kaufman passed the following message along:
Hey guys,

So I’ve been gone the past 24 hours and did not realize that some re-direction of the RA2, Tiberian Sun, and Renegade sites had possibly taken place, albeit a technical error if this is true. I am a bit confused as to what this redirection is referring to because if you click the link below you can access all of these official sites as normal.

Click here for the sites.

I saw Banshees rant and of course would like to look into this.

I will say the Renegade site does look pretty slim which I will look into as well. Clearly, we did not intentionally intend to redirect any links you are trying to access directly to the Generals site and by no means is this a conspiracy to drive more people to the Generals site. Of course, we want the entire C&C community to recognize the 10th anniversary story I created at the Generals page (which will be updated on Monday with part 2 of the Louis Castle interview), but again, any redirection of links to pre-Generals games was not intended.

So, bottom line for everyone in the C&C community, click the link above, check out your favorite pre-Generals sites, and in the mean time, I will look into what the apparent uproar is all about.

For C&C love!!!