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— Tuesday, March 8, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 3:01:55 PM ET

News Roundup

Aside from the recent EALA/RA3 saga, here's the community news for the last few days:
  • CNC Reborn has released two news videos that showcase the Mammoth MKII and Titan walking.
  • CNC World Rebellion has released numerous skins of the t-84 tank. They want you to vote on which one you like most.
  • Version 3.23 of the Open Source SHP Builder, designed for modding TS and RA2, has been released at Project Perfect Mod.
  • CNC DEN has 6 new ZH replays, all from patch 1.03, as well as two maps for vanilla Generals.
  • Derelict Studios has released a video showcasing all the mods that they host.
  • True War 2 has a brand new layout, as well as a render of the M1A2 Abrams tank that will be in the mod.
  • Call to Arms has released new renders of their Humvee.
  • At PETRODEN, one of the partner sites of CNC DEN, Lion has interviewed Petroglyph Games President Mike Legg. Full interview can be seen at PETRODEN. Note: Generals World will not be covering Petro news in the future, as it is not a CNC game, but as 22 of the 27 employees who work there have worked at Westwood, we want to make you aware of their games.
  • AircraftKiller, of the mod Renegade Alert has annouced that the mod will be switching engines...again. They will now be using the Battlefield 2 engine. Previously, the team had used the Source engine for Half Life 2, and before that, Renegade. Aircraftkiller had the following comment on the issue:
    It looks like we're going to switch over to the Battlefield 2 engine. It's graphically superior to Source and is also more user friendly. In addition to this, it supports vehicles for online play and also has heightmap terrain generation. Sorry to all of you who were looking forward to a Source version, but we go where opportunity is.
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