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Baikonur Infiltration - Made By AdrianeMapMaker

Email Me :

Hi Guys I Proudly Present My Map Baikonur Infiltration
A Brutal-Mode Map ... This Is My First Greatest attempt To Do
A Mission Map , The Map Is Intended to Deal With Attacks
And your Ai Enemy Is Purposed To Stop You At Any Cost
They May Lose But They Will Back To Fight Again With "Upgrades"
General Prepare Another War .

The Mission Story:
The Gla Is Preparing For Counter-Attack At The Baikonur At Kazakhstan
They Prepare To Destroy or To Use The Baikonur Cosmodrome Facility
However, The Usa And Chinese Forces Are The Assigned to Guard
The Facility.

General ,Prepare To Use Powerful Attacks , You Will Be The Commander
Of These Two Company , Prepare .

This Map Is Submitted At CnClabs On Dec/24/16

Your Now Able To Play This Mission , Enjoy It.

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File Size: 243.9 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 1
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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This map is inspired by Super-G's liberty map. You will need to defend the safezone as much as you can from zombies evolved to explode. You will need to destroy all gla occupancy in the area and kill all zombies. The usa will provide you a support team. Lastly, you must protect the civilians in the safezone.
File Size: 79.2 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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