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#1 Posted : Wednesday, September 16, 2020 4:51:42 AM(UTC)
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Don't get me wrong, I am so in to Rise of the Reds (I am also playing Shockwave, as well). But sometimes I felt a need or desire to enhance the mod for 2.0 or future versions of the mod.

So here are my suggestions which I think would make Rise of the Reds more fun to play with:

1. Additional factions similar to Peace Mission mod, but not per country, but per Generals in the faction similar to 2.0 that can be selected in-game like in Babushka's Revenge. I would suggest the following factions:

- GLA splitting up into two factions: one in the Middle East (Iran, Pakistan, Syria) and the other one in Africa (Egypt, Libya, Nigeria). That being said, the original GLA buildings must be returned for use in the Middle East bloc. The color of GLA Middle East will be green while GLA Africa will be brown. Plus, the Iranian general will be similar to Russia's General Orlov, wherein he has a different agenda despite being in the same faction. If Orlov wants peace with the ECA as opposed to Aleksandr and Zhukov wanting war, in the case of the Iranian general, he wants Iran to be the Islamic superpower via the GLA, while the Pakistani general wants peace with the USA and the Syrian general wanting peace with Russia.

- The League of Nations (LoN): a UN-like peacekeeping faction that comprises other countries not involved in the conflict. Similar to ECA, every unit will be represented by at least the following countries: Israel, Japan, India, Turkey, South Korea, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and Vietnam. Their color will be cyan. Their units and buildings must be based on the three separate USA factions in the Falcon Rising patch for version 1.86, created by Saša Tovernić; and since they are not allied with any of the other six factions, they will need to have three hero units, that is, the three hero units of the three separate USA factions.

- a Civilian militia faction. Their color will be white.

2. The units of each general in the faction must be distinct from one another similar to Shockwave, and have its own strengths and weaknesses like Rock-Paper-Scissors. Some units may be similar but be upgraded differently. (Example: USA may have Humvees on all three generals, but one must be converted into an ATV Humvee, the other an Assault Humvee and the other one an Airborne Humvee). Thus, every scrapped unit in Zero Hour and Rise of the Reds must be returned.

3. Every faction must have a Tech Dozer/Worker and have all tech buildings in the maps removed. However, each tech dozer/worker must have some units distinct from each other (Example: Tech Dozers for USA, China, ECA, Russia and LoN can build a Hospital, but the Tech Workers for the Civilian Militia, GLA Middle East and GLA Africa can build a Field Hospital)

4. Bring back the Naval Shipyard and add more units that are distinct from each faction. Have it included on the Tech Dozers/Workers.

5. The Campaigns must be based on the loose alliances between the factions and have 12 missions each: one for USA and ECA, one for GLA Middle East and Africa, and one for China and Russia. The Challenge mode will be scrapped and replaced by a Campaign for LoN and the Civilian militia, which will be neutral in the conflict and will do everything to suppress the chaos made by the three-way war between the six other factions.

6. Every unit and building in C&C Shockwave must be incorporated into Rise of the Reds, to make it look like ROTR the sequel to SHW, and since SHW is already a complete mod.

7. Speaking of Falcon Rising, any unique units and buildings from all unofficial ROTR patches that are not included in the core mod (i.e. Chinese sniper in Falcon Rising) must be added into the game to make each faction more enjoyable to play with. It's just that the voice-acting of some units needs to be refurbished (Example, the voices from the three USA hero units in Falcon Rising are muffled and obviously recorded from a cheap microphone).

If you are interested in making a Rise of the Reds supermod out of the suggestions I have mentioned above, I won't stop you.
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