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#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 15, 2020 11:16:44 AM(UTC)
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Good day, just wanted to know if it's possible to add ProjectileDetonationOCL Effects to Bullet weapons like machine guns, gattlings, and such. I'm trying to add a PoisonField Gamma on SupW Infantry Ranger's Machinegun. also if i could add, can i ask for Firing Animation Data for Pilot Big Smile, using Burton or Ranger firing animation looks ridiculous on Pilot Buzzy.

Thank you in advance, this is my first post Laugh
Kono Hobiron-sama Niwa, Yume ga Aru~De'geso~
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 15, 2020 10:56:09 PM(UTC)
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Here is the code I used to make the ranger weapon leave a small anthrax field behind when shooting:


;Goes in Weapon.ini file
Weapon SupW_RangerAdvancedCombatRifle
  PrimaryDamage           = 5.0
  PrimaryDamageRadius     = 0.0       ; 0 primary radius means "hits only intended victim"
  AttackRange             = 100.0
  DamageType              = SMALL_ARMS
  DeathType               = NORMAL
  WeaponSpeed             = 999999.0          ; dist/sec (huge value == effectively instant)
  ;invisible projectile added so that ProjectileDetonationOCL can work
  ProjectileObject        = InvisibleDummyProjectile
  ProjectileDetonationOCL   = OCL_PoisonFieldGammaSmall
  FireFX                  = WeaponFX_GenericMachineGunFire
  VeterancyFireFX         = HEROIC WeaponFX_GenericMachineGunFireWithRedTracers
  FireSound               = RangerWeapon
  RadiusDamageAffects     = ALLIES ENEMIES NEUTRALS
  DelayBetweenShots       = 100              ; time between shots, msec
  ClipSize                = 3                    ; how many shots in a Clip (0 == infinite)
  ClipReloadTime          = 700              ; how long to reload a Clip, msec
  WeaponBonus             = DRONE_SPOTTING RATE_OF_FIRE 200%
  WeaponBonus             = DRONE_SPOTTING RANGE        200%
  WeaponBonus             = DRONE_SPOTTING DAMAGE       200%

;Goes in WeaponObjects.ini file
Object InvisibleDummyProjectile

;  Draw = W3DModelDraw ModuleTag_01
;    OkToChangeModelColor = Yes
;    DefaultConditionState
;      Model = EXStinger01
;    End
;  End

  ; ***DESIGN parameters ***
  EditorSorting   = SYSTEM
  VisionRange = 0.0  
    Conditions      = None
    Armor           = ProjectileArmor
    DamageFX        = None

  ; *** ENGINEERING Parameters ***
  KindOf = PROJECTILE UNATTACKABLE ;in case avenger tries and shoots it down
  Body = ActiveBody ModuleTag_02
    MaxHealth       = 100.0
    InitialHealth   = 100.0

    ; Subdual damage "Subdues" you (reaction defined by BodyModule) when it passes your max health.
    ; The cap limits how extra-subdued you can be, and the other numbers detemine how fast it drains away on its own.
    ; A projectile is not disabled, but instead loses target and scatters
    SubdualDamageCap = 200
    SubdualDamageHealRate = 100000
    SubdualDamageHealAmount = 50

; ---- begin Projectile death behaviors
  Behavior = InstantDeathBehavior DeathModuleTag_01
    DeathTypes = NONE +DETONATED
    ; we detonated normally.
    ; no FX, just quiet destroy ourselves
  Behavior = InstantDeathBehavior DeathModuleTag_02
    DeathTypes = NONE +LASERED
    ; shot down by laser.
    FX         = FX_GenericMissileDisintegrate
    OCL        = OCL_GenericMissileDisintegrate
  Behavior = InstantDeathBehavior DeathModuleTag_03
    ; shot down by nonlaser.
    FX         = FX_GenericMissileDeath
; ---- end Projectile death behaviors
  Behavior = PhysicsBehavior ModuleTag_06
    Mass = 1
  Behavior = MissileAIUpdate ModuleTag_07
    TryToFollowTarget = Yes;;;;;;;;;;;;No 
    FuelLifetime = 1250
    InitialVelocity = 150                ; in dist/sec
    IgnitionDelay = 0
    DistanceToTravelBeforeTurning = 20
    IgnitionFX = None ;FX_BuggyMissileIgnition
  Locomotor = SET_NORMAL TankHunterMissileLocomotor

  Geometry = Sphere
  GeometryIsSmall = Yes
  GeometryMajorRadius = 2.0
  Scale = 0.0 ;probably useless but its to be sure the projectile is invisible


I copied the tank hunter missile projectile code, commented out the model code from it and the IgnitionFX bit so that it is not seen when the ranger shoots - so basically an invisible projectile object. Then in the Weapons.ini file I changed ProjectileObject from NONE to InvisibleDummyProjectile and then added the ProjectileDetonationOCL bit in and it worked for me.

I haven't tried it for the gattling cannon/tank though but it might work. As for the firing animation data stuff, I wouldn't know what to do there sorry.

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#3 Posted : Thursday, April 16, 2020 7:03:34 AM(UTC)
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Thank you for the reply sir @tanksarevictory, i didn't think we have such an active modding community Big Smile and it makes me so happy. Anyway, this method is working and well, i just need to adjust it's locomotor for it's bullet speed and it's PointDefenseLaser System Immunity then its good Big Smile. and i guess this roundabout way is the only way to achieve the OCL effects for "Bullets-y" Buzzy Weapons,
Kono Hobiron-sama Niwa, Yume ga Aru~De'geso~
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#4 Posted : Friday, April 17, 2020 2:39:40 AM(UTC)
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New Zealand
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No worries, happy to help :-)

Unfortunately I wouldn't say the modding community here is always 'active'. I've just recently got back into modding the game just to pass the time during quarantine where I am. I'll try and be as active as I can for the mean time since I'm waiting for a reply to a question I recently posted a few days ago.
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