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USA 07 - Total Justice (Updated version)
The epic conclusion of the US campaign get a new updated version

This version bring a lot of fixes and adjustments to USA 07 - Total Justice :

-Chinese General Powers are now correctly used by the enemy : Cluster Mines will be now used by the enemy after the destruction of the East Outpost
-Adjusted scripts about the base activation
-US & Chinese Airfield finally available at the beginning but only Raptor & Comanches for the US Airfield (Aurora & Stealth Fighter are unlocked after the Internet Centers destruction)
-Reduced price for the Avenger
-Chinese Hacker can be built without having a Propaganda Center (Only concerns normal China)
-Reduced time for the Battleships to fire
-Chan Wei Main Base will not longer be activated along the others bases (The delay between teams buildings has been reduced only for the Main Base and the conditions for the base to activate has been adjusted)
-Time for the Nuclear Missile Silo has been increased from 6 to 7 minutes (affect every Nuclear Missile Silo)
-Dialog has been added during the game
-Cash Hack General Power Level 2 has been added to the Chinese Command Center when the Internet Centers are destroyed
-More money has been given to the 2 Main Supply Dock near the starting point

Date submitted: 10/19/2020
Date reviewed: 10/22/2020
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Author: XJoueur50   

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