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USA Come Back 1 : Seattle CounterAttack
Seattle Counterattack's map is based on the first China mission of Zero Hour

USA Come Back is a fan-campaign made by XJoueur50

Plot of USA Come Back : This campaign start 1 year after the Chinese Victory in Hamburg, Germany
The World believe that GLA was finally destroyed but it's wrong. In May 2018, GLA Forces launched a attack in the United States specially in the West Coast
This attack affect US military forces and they were obligated to retreat
One month later, US Forces decides to make a counterattack on GLA-oocupied West Coast.
This is where the campaign start : You are leading a counterattack on Seattle, the first city to be taken by GLA Forces
Due to heavily GLA Resistance in a Occupied USA base, your only solution is the use of a nuclear bomb to incapatiate the GLA
Win this battle & the USA is going to rebecome a Superpower

Info about the battle :

-The battle is located near Seattle at a US military base
-GLA Forces have reenforced their defences due to our attacks
-With this Nuclear Bomb Use, GLA is unable to use our power against us
-Don't destroy the US Command Center in the GLA-occupied US Base. We have to capture it. If it's destroyed, we fail our mission
-Our starting base is composed with Power Plant, few Patriot Battery and a Barracks
-Some US Resistance Forces have been located near the GLA-Occupied USA base, try to contact them

It's only the first mission of USA Come Back, the next missions will come the next weeks
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Max Players: 1
Author: XJoueur50   

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