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ZH China Missions FV
China Campaign by Union Pacific 4-8-8-4
Hello, this is my china campaign for Zero hour. This is the first mission set of three, one set of five for China, the GLA and the USA in which I will be making over the next few years. I hope you enjoy it!

China Mission set description
This is a set of five missions that gives the player another campaign to play in Zero hour. It should be on par with the hard difficulty in the original campaigns. The difficulty increases as you go up into the later missions. Example, mission 1 is easier then mission 5.

China Mission 1
The GLA are on the boarder of china and must be dealt with swiftly. It is up to you to retake the city and its supplies in order to push the enemy back. You are limited in what weapons you have and must adapt to the battle.

China Mission 2
A GLA base located on the opposite side of the Itz river near Coburg Germany presents a serious threat to regional stability. The Chinese have volunteered to deal with this threat.

China Mission 3
The UN has seen the Chinese intervention in Coburg as a grateful act of kindness to that of Europe. Therefore, the UN is providing tanks to the Chinese, given by Great Britain and France, to help flush out GLA leaders.

China Mission 4
The GLA are infuriated by the heavy losses handed to them by the Chinese. The GLA are preparing another and much larger invasion. You are to repel this advance and protect the nuclear capability of China.

China Mission 5
The main GLA base in the region has been located. Eliminate their southern support bases and the main base to stop future GLA aggression.

Other basic information
Map Name ---> Mission map pack name ---> ZH China Missions FV (FV) stands for final version
1st map name China Mission 1
2nd map name China Mission 2
3rd map name China Mission 3
4th map name China Mission 4
5th map name China Mission 5

Author Name UP_4-8-8-4
Author email
About email, please title the subject line ZH China Campaign so I do not disregard the email
Max Players 1, it’s a mission map
Game CNC Generals Zero Hour
Type of map Mission map (map pack with 5 missions)
Description Everything above

One thing, please remember that this is my first time making any type of map or uploading anything to the internet. There is one aspect about my first campaign that I could not fix without reworking all of my maps. The terrain is a bit flat due to my initial understanding of the worldbuilder program, therefore it’s not the absolute best it could be, but the gameplay and visual design should make up for this simple design oversight. In the future I will make sure the terrain gets a better layout before progressing the maps scripting.

Please contact me if you have any comments or ideas for the future. I will try my best to implement as many as possible.

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Author: UP_4-8-8-4   

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