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Allied's Revenge
I made it a mission-type map.
YOU start at position 4 as GREAT BRITAIN.
YOUR opponents are(all on brutal):
-RUSSIA at 5;
-Libya at 1;
-Iraq at 2;
-Cuba at 3;
At 6 and 7 don't put any opponent.
Your objectives are:
-1)Build a Battle Lab;
-2)Destroy the Kremlin.

Yes, the map is similar to the last mission of the Allies of C&C RA2. I made it like this because I really liked that mission and I wanted to make one similar to that, but.....I think this one is harder.
There is a Tech Airport hidden in the map, and also 2 Tech Outposts to help you combat the Kirov Airships.
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Max Players: 5
Author: cacafualex   

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