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#1 Posted : Monday, May 6, 2019 10:35:17 PM(UTC)
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Command and Conquer Generals is such a memorable game and their unit quotes for me was one of the most memorable things about it.

For me I remember the builders going "new construction" or "building" whenever you gave them a new order or building to build.

What are some of your favourites?

Some other ones I remember are:

USA Bulldozer

Layin' the foundation
Wanna make some improvements?
Let's build
New construction
Always ready
Clocked in
Have a job for me?
What's the story?
Let's get to work

USA Humvee

Humvee here
How about a lift?
Hey, a little off roadin'?
Alright, let's have some fun
Buckle up
Got room for five

China Bulldozer


China has been generous
I build for China
We have big plans
We will live in prosperity
Let's build
Building the chinese empire

More links for unit quotes

Chinese Unit Quotes

GLA Unit Quotes

USA Unit Quotes
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#2 Posted : Friday, May 10, 2019 11:45:15 AM(UTC)
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Missile Defender:
"I'll fire at anything."
"Wanna see a fireball?"
"Enabling laser sights."

Colonel Burton:
"Trained for perfection."
"It's about time."
"No Obstacles."

"Got a room for 5!"
"Rip it up!"
"Keep the change."

"Scanning for enemy aircraft."
"They may not like the attention."

Raptor/King Raptor:
"I'm listening."
"We control the skies."
"This is our territory."

"Sneaking in."
"I'll guard this airspace."
"I'll leave no trace."

"Delivering Payload."
"Passing Overhead."
"Discharging Munitions!"
"Going super-sonic!"

"All accessible targets." (unused, bugged)
"Need a little ground support?"
"How 'bout those rocket pods."

Spectre Gunship:
"Clear the area."
"Clear for engagement."
"We have them."

Aircraft Carrier:
"All jets we have new target."

Red Guard/Minigunner:
"Foreign Devil!"
"We stand together!"
"Minigunner reporting for duty!"

"Their systems are vulnerable."
"I'll suck the internet dry."
"Nobody will know their money is missing."

"For the Red Army."
"We are Invincible."
"Destroy China's enemies."

Troop Crawler/Assault Troop Crawler:
"Troop Crawler signing in."
"Assault Troop Crawler here."
"They can't hide from me."

Inferno Cannon:
"Let's start an inferno."
"When do I get started?"

Nuke Cannon:
"We bare gifts."
"The mother of all weapons."
"Behold the bringer of light."

"Nothing in our way."
"I am in control."

"Like a ton of bricks."
"We're going to ruin someone's day."
"Make room for the napalm bomb."
"Make room for the nuclear bomb."

Angry Mob:
"AK-47s for everyone!"

"Let's go car shopping."
"I'll mix among them."
"Need a new vehicle?"

Jarmen Kell:
"Business is business."
"I don't care who they are."
"He's not protected in there."

"My horse was faster."
"Light tank of the GLA."
"Our will is strong."

Quad Cannon:
"Begin stitching."
"Start the machinery."
"They break and shatter."

Rocket Buggy:
"Step on the gas!"
"It is my duty!"
"They will be humiliated!"

SCUD Launcher:
"Release the SCUD."
"Something for the masses."
"Sweet ascension of doom."
"Shall I push the button?"

Bonus(can you guess were are these from?):
"We got the rockets."
"I know the routine."
"Shake it, baby!"
"For king and country."
"It will be a wasteland."
"There goes the neighborhood."
"Here's a hot papaya!"
"Jet Mode! No Complaints!"
"Badger Squadron, on my mark."
"I once was professor."
"It's precision_bomber."

Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

Next Episode:
precision_bomber's Zero Hour SCIENCE!
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