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Tournament City!
This map was originally made to try to create a map that looked realistic, but to balance looks with gameplay was also a goal. In this map, each starting point has its own advantages. The bottom right corner is a good spot, providing garrisonable buildings as well as tech buildings nearby. But, there is an open area to the left and because tech buildings are close, people will capture them and put up defenses right next to your base.

The bottom left corner also has that small opening, and has a train running by it as well as the bottom right corner. Though it is not a big base area, it has 1 huge, and I mean huge amphitheatre to defend most of the base, as well as cars to car bomb, a major GLA advantage. Tactical Generals will not only take advantage of these but the entire layout as well.

Ahhhhhh... the top left. What can I say? With a few buildings to garrison as well as sandbag walls, this is pretty much your average base, except for 1 thing - Subways. The tactical general will use these to his advantage. I will say no more.

And last but certainly not least, the top right base. Though hard to get to with only four entrances, this base only has 1 small farmhouse in each opening, and is far away from resources. Also, for those who dare move in across a train track, you may ambush them that way to. It provides limited base area and is an easy attack for the bottom right corner.
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Max Players: 4
Author: Moridar   

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