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Cannon Fodder Map Pack
After playing Red alert 2 again, I really wanted to get a map from it and recreate it for Red Alert 3. With all this in mind I needed a map which was unique and could appeal to both navy and ground forces. So I have now have completed the first version of Cannon Fodder so that everyone else can enjoy it as much as I have.

The layout from the original, has only changed on the water due to the Naval construction. I always remember that the starting areas were generaly big enough for a small high tech base so I changed it a bit so that it remains the same. The base area is big enough for a small higher tier base and two of the cliff starting points have a small village to occupy, AA and other infantry help protect the base. The other starting point has more area to build in, making it good for a large higher tier base without the natural AA village garrison area.

There are 3 off-shore islands with an Ore Node on each side and 2 major Tech islands for Navy yards and a single Oil Pump. Each starting area will have a Radar Tech building located at the far back of the base, which is great to keep an eye on what the other player is sending out to hit you with.
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Max Players: 3
Author: TiberianFiend   

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