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Casino - Islands Of Fortune v6
Eight player casino map.
Map made by Haubibban.
Scripts made by cetx and Haubibban.

Map features:
- Casino. Order infantry to get inside to get crazy rewards like Militia Tanks, Guardian Drones, or Boss General.
- Casino timer gets faster. The longer game goes, the faster casino gets. After 25 minutes it'll give you a chance to get something cool every 20 seconds!!!
- Dynamic oil derricks. Oil Derricks will change their location forcing players to fight for them. Also, Secondary Economy can be built only when an oil derrick is in the middle.
- Hell's Casino. To not let you get bored, after 30 minutes the Hell's Casino will spawn. Hold it for 60 seconds and get a really crazy reward!
- No SW! Only Boss General can build all three superweapons.

The map has map.ini file, but we transfered it many times to make sure it won't create mismatch.
You won't have to restart the game to avoid mismatches.
File Size: 597 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: Haubibban   

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