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[DTF] - Loyalty and Alliance
Destroy the Fortress.
It's here! Loyalty and Allegiance is THE Generals MOBA to play, whether it's a 2v2 with a friend or against your enemies. Lead your team to victory alongside friendly AI units by taking out the enemy turrets and storming through the opposing base.

[Map Mechanics:]
- Defences are not buildable
- AI Supply Centers fund better AI troops
- Pro Rules are forced (SW only for SwG, no Demo Upgrade)

- Destroy enemy turrets to make the next enemy structure vulnerable
- Kill the defences around the MAIN Enemy Command Center to make it vulnerable
- Destroy the enemy's MAIN Command Center to win

Date submitted: 10/11/2020
Date reviewed: 10/11/2020
File Size: 226.3 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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