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USA Coop Campaign 01- North-Korea Conflict
This is a 2 Player COOP Campaign
You can also play this map on Solo.

The map is originally created for generals , but as you can see i also port it to Zero Hour.

USA Coop Campaign 01- North-Korea Conflict
Instructions :
1. Comp must be default China.
2. Players should have default USA.
3. Players start from Left bottom corner.

Tip :
- First you need to get a Burton in the area of the pilots.
- Build a base an kill all enemies on the map.
- The rest is declared ingame anyway.
- Teamwork is the key.

Further Hints:
I recommend to start with 20000 $
Burton can shoot from corners of buildings and he is
hidden for enemies in some angles.

Date submitted: 5/2/2020
Date Reviewed: 5/3/2020
File Size: 203.1 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: El_Chapo   

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