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Ghost Society
Ghost Society takes place in a city that had previously been under seige, essentially all of the buildings are damaged, some destroyed. The map takes a 3vs3 approach, 3 on one side, 3 on the other, and the city is the defined border.

In this city, you will find UN supply crates worth $2500, 2 oil derricks, and 6 hidden vehicles that any infantry unit can enter. There are also 2 artillery platforms situated in the very middle of the map, capturing these can disrupt enemy movements around the map and can provide extra building space, not a bad idea to colonize the area.

This map can make for some awesome battles in multiplayer, or singleplayer games. Don't take the town for granted, be the first to reap it's rewards, General!

Good Luck.
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Max Players: 6
Author: SUPER-G   

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