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LG 110 Degrees Fahrenheit
Can you stand the heat? It's so hot, not a sound can be heard. Not an insect. Not a bird. Not a thing! The only thing you can hear is your heart pounding and your brain frying inside your skull.

This map plays well especially well against Medium USA and Hard China Infantry.

Playing from the south position (bottom), your back door is on your east. There are goodies there. Can you get them and protect them? To the north is an oil derrick that SHOULD belong to you, but just northeast of it is a pile of supplies that SHOULD belong to your enemy. Can you get this derrick and keep it? Can you get that pile of supplies and keep it from your enemy? Which do you choose first? The little village to your east, or this derrick and pile of supplies?

This map is essentially flat! There are no cliffs, forests, no lakes or ponds -- nothing to hinder the speed of your opponent. Are you faster than a Hard China Infantry general? Are you as cunning as a Hard GLA Stealth camp? Can you win on this map? Good luck, general. You're going to need it.... and an air conditioner, to. Its hot!

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Max Players: 4
Author: Lengo   

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