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— Saturday, August 29, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 10:18:43 AM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

By Clone11b

Yet another great RA2 map conversion to a Red Alert 3 map, constructed by Clone11b. This beutiful piece of workmanship is now available in our downloads section. You can use the thumbnails below for a better view of another masterpiece.

Clone11b supplies us with the following comments.

This map is a remake of Pacific Heights for Red Alert 2. Each player starts in the corner of the map with 2 Ore Nodes with 2 nearby expansions, one on the water and 1 on the land near the beach. The centre island contains 4 Oil Derricks which replace the Airport Tech Structure that used to be in the middle of the original Pacific Heights map. This was also done so that they weren't in the original location as this was much too close to the start positions.


Download Clone11b's Pacific Heights

— Friday, August 28, 2009 —

Posted By: Mike at 7:14:42 PM ET

Louis Castle @ CommandCom - History of C&C

CNCNZ.com has posted video of a presentation by Westwood Studios co-founder and former VP at EALA Louis Castle. The presentation was given to fans at the CommandCom event recently held in Germany.  In it, Castle outlines the history of Command & Conquer, spanning Dune II through the present, and provides a number of interesting anecdotes.  It comes in three parts -- I recommend you take a look.

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— Monday, August 24, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 4:24:22 PM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Serenity Gardens

Serenity Gardens

By Acid_Cr@sh

Now we are in for a real treat! Acid_Cr@sh has taken the basics from a couple of RA2 maps and created this fantastic battleground area for Red Alert 3. Combining ideas from both Bay of Pigs and Burnt-Out Paradise, this highly detailed and desirable map is now available in our downloads section. Click the thumbnails below for a preview of this fabulous map.

Acid_Cr@sh has this to say about his map:

Map Description: This is a 6 Player map designed for long all-around 3v3 team battles. Symmetrical, balanced map with uneven starting positions. (see Burnt-Out Paradise) Believe it or not, but it actually is a remake (recreation) of Bay of Pigs map, though it hardly resembles it.


Get your copy of Serenity Gardens

— Friday, August 14, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 2:37:03 PM ET

NEW Mission Map for Zero Hour: Mission POW Capture

Mission POW Capture
By: Beng

Master mapper and modder, Beng has sent us another great mission map for Zero Hour. His skill at making map.ini files always brings something new to the game. This is another Must Have for your map collection.

Single player mission for Zero Hour 1.04. You don't have much money so you have to capture prisoners for ransom. Use your prison to build POW trucks. The POW trucks are affected by these upgrades:

Flashbang: Gives the POW truck a tranquiliser dart weapon that makes enemy infantry surrender to you. You can then collect their ransom money using the POW truck and bring it back to the prison to deposit it there. You can switch between this dart weapon and a general purpose machine gun.

AP Bullets: machine gun does 25% more damage.

Camo Netting: This will not stealth the POW truck but it enables it to disguise as a vehicle, like a bomb truck. The POW truck has 6 transport slots for infantry or vehicles, useful for smuggling units into the enemy base when his patriot batteries have been sabotaged.

Hints: when you cross the bridge to the enemy side of the river, the enemy attacks on your base become stronger. There are some hidden goodies around the map, try garrisoning buildings to look for them.

Download Mission POW Capture now!

— Friday, August 14, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 8:59:49 AM ET

New Zero Hour Map: Stalemate

By: ZergSwarms

Zerg Swarms brings us his second Skrimish map made for Zero Hour. With limited access to enemy bases placed high on the plateau, I found myself swimming in toxic waste in the town below. It's a good challenge.

A map designed strictly for 2v2 action. Stalemate is designed to be a test of which team can work together the best. Bases are designed to be easily defended, so teamwork will likely be helpful in breaking your enemy's defenses. The war-ravaged town in the middle will be the site of a lot of action, and can be drenched in deadly toxins from certain buildings up to four times. The bridge might be useful to bypass this threat as well as the height disadvantage - but is it really safer?

Download Stalemate now!

— Thursday, August 13, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 9:31:56 PM ET

New Screens at The Red Alert

There are fourteen new screens for you to see at our in-house mod The Red Alert over at C&C Labs. Here are six to get you started.

It's starting to feel like 1996 all over again...

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— Wednesday, August 12, 2009 —

Posted By: Gren at 2:33:17 AM ET

New Red Alert 3 Map - Isolated Island

Isolated Island

By Clone11b

Here's Clone11b's latest 1v1 Player Red Alert 3 map, which is based on the Easter Island theme. The map is already available in our downloads section. Click on the thumbnails below for a quick preview of this beautifully made map, then head over and add it to your map library.

Clone11b's attention to detail improves with every map and this latest one is no exception.

He writes this about his map: Isolated Island is a 2 player map with each player starting with slightly limited building space to encourage expansion. Near each of the starting locations is an extra Ore Node situated on the third level. There are two Oil Derricks at the opposite ends of the map on small islands, with two Ore Nodes on the water nearby. On the middle piece of land are another 2 Ore Nodes with a Veteran Academy between them.


Click here to Download: Isolated Island

— Monday, August 10, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 10:16:25 PM ET

NEW Generals Map: Frozen Twilight Flame

Frozen Twilight Flame
By Ground Demon

We are very pleased to feature the latest addition to our Generals map section, Frozen Twilight Flame. We love the custom scripting and are happy to see many of the sloppy areas and pathways found on Twilight Flame have been fixed on this all new winter version. Thumbs below will open larger shots.

Frozen Twilight Flame is an up-scaled version of EA's popular map, Twilight Flame. This skirmish and multiplayer map has been completely revamped in a winter environment with a nice river running through the center. Custom scripting brings random attack modes into play for a real AI challenge. I dare you to try 4 vs. 1 brutal AI! Enjoy.


Check out this custom revision of a popular EA map.  Frozen Twilight Flame

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— Sunday, August 9, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 8:26:06 PM ET

New Zero Hour Map - Tournament City!

Tournament City!
By: Moridar

This map was originally made to try to create a map that looked realistic, but to balance looks with gameplay was also a goal. In this map, each starting point has its own advantages. The bottom right corner is a good spot, providing garrisonable buildings as well as tech buildings nearby. But, there is an open area to the left and because tech buildings are close, people will capture them and put up defenses right next to your base. The bottom left corner also has that small opening, and has a train running by it as well as the bottom right corner. Though it is not a big base area, it has 1 huge, and I mean huge amphitheatre to defend most of the base, as well as cars to car bomb, a major GLA advantage. Tactical Generals will not only take advantage of these but the entire layout as well. Ahhhhhh... the top left. What can I say? With a few buildings to garrison as well as sandbag walls, this is pretty much your average base, except for 1 thing - Subways. The tactical general will use these to his advantage. I will say no more. And last but certainly not least, the top right base. Though hard to get to with only four entrances, this base only has 1 small farmhouse in each opening, and is far away from resources. Also, for those who dare move in across a train track, you may ambush them that way to. It provides limited base area and is an easy attack for the bottom right corner.

Check out Tournament City!

— Monday, August 3, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:19:41 PM ET

Large News Roundup

Most of our news page recently has been dedicated to our ever-growing collection of quality maps, so it's worth taking a look at what's going on in other spots around the community:

  • Of most interest to Generals fans is the release of version 1.9 of Middle East Crisis, by Bhones. It's an improved version of the MEC mod, made solely by one fan. Bhones has collaborated with us on some projects in the past here, and there's no one better at Worldbuilder out there. Check it out.
  • CNCNZ has a roundtable up for July. I participated in this monthly discussion about C&C. This time, we focused mostly on C&C 4.
  • The Unreal mod Renegade X has an excellent update online, including a gameplay video.
  • Frank Klepacki, C&C music composer for many years, has a piece up called "Behind the Music of the First Command and Conquer" on his Facebook page (open to the public).
  • C&C 4 will have a population cap, according to developer Jeremy Feasel's post here. Ugh.
  • Tiberian Dawn Redux, a popular remake of Tiberian Dawn for Generals, has its first progress video up.

— Monday, August 3, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 8:32:05 AM ET

Two new maps for Zero Hour

We want to welcome Weepa to our mapping community and say thanks for sending us your first two Zero Hour maps. Both of these two-players maps are simple in design, yet fast and fun to play. They would be great for quick head-to-head matches. Keep on mapping Weepa!

Generals Desert
A map with 2 bases, separated by 2 fences, with 4 oil derricks, 1 oil refinery, and 2 reinforcement pads between them. AI will work on the map.
Download this map.

War Valley
A 2 player map staged in a valley with a castle and a town in the center, with 4 artillery cannons, 1 oil derrick, 1 oil refinery, 1 reinforcement pad, and 1 repair bay. There are 3 supply docks, and the map is AI supportive.
Download this map.


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— Friday, July 31, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 9:07:56 PM ET

New map for Zero Hour: Nuclear Convoy

Nuclear Convoy
By: ZergSwarms

As a long-time member of our forums and a recent content contributor to CNCLabs, adding a great section about Generals Challenges for Zero Hour, Zerg Swarms brings us new Skrimish map that's a real BLAST to play. Although ZergSwarms is an experienced player, he's relatively new to World Builder yet has produced a really fun map to play. Must be all that game playing. The placement of Artillery Platforms and tech buildings in the nicely detailed center section is particularly good.  We look forward to seeing your next map!

A 4-player map containing a convoy of Nuke Trucks that wraps around every base and expansion. If one is triggered, it will trigger most or all of them to explode. Players must decide whether or not to begin the chain reaction, because it will effect each and every player. Buildings at the edge of each player's base are in danger of being destroyed should the chain reaction begin. Even careful players will be affected, because the Nuke Trucks are placed in such a way that they can destroy every Oil Derrick on the map. So weigh your options and be careful with your choice of weaponry! This map is intended to add a twist to the average gameplay.

Get your copy of Nuclear Convoy now!

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