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— Tuesday, March 31, 2009 —

Posted By: Phe0n1x at 5:17:51 PM ET

March 2009 Community Round Table

Earlier this month the Community Round Table took place. These community leaders took part:

Many important issues were discussed such as the Didgital Download of Red Alert 3: Uprising and Red Alert 3 Mod SDK; the latter of which our very own Blbpaws gives his own insight on this tender issue.


At C&C Labs, we're working on a very exciting project called The Red Alert that aims to bring back some of the best moments in the franchise history in full 3D. I think especially those community members who join after RA2, Generals, or even later will appreciate the chance to play one of the classic C&Cs in a modern graphical interface. For the veterans who already know the Red Alert gameplay, I'm willing to bet you remember it fondly, and I hope our efforts rekindle some of that nostalgia. As for other mod teams, I haven't seen anyone who has really put out much for RA3 yet or who shows much potential to finish (if you want a quick heuristic for measuring how much progress mods are making, count the number of textured models they are displaying), but I can't claim to know the RA3 modding community that well. I do think that releasing the Mod SDK this late is simply repeating the mistakes of C&C 3 and Kane Wrath, where the SDK was so late that the modding community was largely dead. At some point, EA will do that one too many times, and that will be the end of large-scale C&C modding. I hope this isn't that time.

 You can read it over at cncnz.

— Saturday, March 28, 2009 —

Posted By: Phe0n1x at 1:25:16 PM ET

Red Alert 3 1.09 Patch

EA released the newest patch for Red Alert 3 which includes several balance issues, exploits and bugs, and community news viewer. Finally, Mod Support was added to the game. Here's a couple balance changes:

   · Added a  smoke flare delay when using the Magnetic 
 Singularity support power.
   · The IFV base defense is now more vulnerable to cannon damage.
   · If a King Oni uses his bull rush secondary ability while
 shrunk by a Cryocopter's S.H.R.I.N.K. ray, the King Oni will now
 explode on impact.
   · In multiplayer matches, Allied and Soviet players may now dock 
 their aircraft at any friendly airfield, regardless of faction, 
 to refuel and reload.

You can download it from our servers here.

— Sunday, March 22, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 11:04:57 AM ET

Eight New Screenshots for C&C 3: The Forgotten

One of the things we like the most about C&C 3: The Forgotten, our in-house mod project at our sister site C&C Labs, is that it tells a real story with real characters. We think the fans will be quite excited to fight some tremendous, against-all-odds battles in locales ranging from the Blue Zones of Europe to Tiberian Sun-esque environments of hellish Red Zones. Below, you can see seven screenshots from two of our missions, one from a European capital; the other from a crumbling area on the very outskirts of a Yellow Zone. The first mission was made by CaptNeo. Phe0n1x created the second.


Another neat thing we're showing off in this update is our new gameplay mechanic with Tiberium life forms. Often, we get asked if The Forgotten will be able to utilize them to their advantage; they will, but in a unique way. Since naturally not every Mutant has a rapport with Tiberium life, only specially trained individuals can command Tiberium life. Enter Beastmasters. Each is an older soldier who has spent years working with Tiberium Fiends--the Fiends will listen to no one else. Beastmasters will travel with their Fiends all over the battlefield, ordering the Fiends to strike the enemy with great power. But beware, if the Beastmaster of a Fiend sqaud is killed, the Fiends will no longer listen to anyone. That is quite a loss, because the power of Tiberium Fiends is very high, as you can see below.

Special thanks to stygs and chronosheep for their assistance with the Tiberium Fiend art. You can view our complete art gallery on our media page, and learn more about our units on the Units page



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— Thursday, March 12, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 4:33:35 PM ET

Uprising and Uprising Contents

Red Alert 3: Uprising, the expansion for Red Alert 3, was released via digital download today. You can head to EA's site to learn more about the purchase options. There is a launch trailer here.

In addition, there are a number of contests giving away free copies of Uprising. Community Manager Aaron Kaufman is running one himself on his Twitter account. More details on his here. RADEN also has one running, with a rather neat trivia question.