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— Saturday, August 28, 2004 —

Posted By: aConcernedCitizen17 at 9:56:35 PM ET

Around the Community in One Newspost

Well everyone, there seems to be alot going on with the community right now, and referring to the below post, it seems my job is in jeopardy! So here goes. Keep up with me cause there's alot to go over and there will be a short quiz on this next monday...

  • CNCNZ is back online! They were temporarily down due to hosting problems. But they have relocated hosting and are back in business. Be sure to head on over and check out what's new!
  • CNC Unleashed has updated their site with some new features whch are looking to be very cool! See the below post for more info!
  • CNCDEN has a bunch of new maps up for your enjoyment! Be sure to head on over and pick them up!
  • CNCDEN also has several new replays up for your useage. Head to their site and hopefully you can pick up some tactics from watching some of your fellow Generals/ZH players!
  • CNC Unleashed also added a map recently! It's entitled "Russian Bering Islands" made by Brandon Lim. Be sure to head over and pick up this very well made map!
  • Blitzkrieg 2 was recently written up in an article featured in PCGamer UK Magazine! Congratulations to them! Be sure to head over and check out this mod that is apparently turning heads!
  • CNC-Europe has released a great new trailer on their site! This mod is looking very promising so be sure to head over and check this out!
  • An Act of War has posted up a bunch of new renders! They're all awesome looking so check them out on their site!
  • {War} Clan Online has posted up a new strategy guide entitled "Mastering the Super Weapon General". It's a very high quality guide! It may just give you the needed edge when playing as SW general! Be sure to check it out on the clan's site!
  • Imperial Assault has updated with a handful of pics of Some Tatooine Buildings and a Speederbike! They're very high quality and definitely worth a look! Head to their site to check them out!
  • All-Stars continues Progress as we've recently added the talents of our new Modeller/Skinner, Jaymioz! He's already begun work and we're glad to have him on the team! Also, We're working on what will hopefully be a very nice amount of material to release soon! We continue to work every day so be sure to check back for updates!

Well, That's about it for now everyone! Hope all that wasn't too long of a read, and for all of you who are taking notes...There won't really be a quiz on monday. So stop taking notes. Now. Keep checking back for more news and updates! And if you're really feeling adventurous, try out the great forums here at Generals World. If you like em, join! We're always happy to have new members! That's all for now!

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— Saturday, August 28, 2004 —

Posted By: Unidentifiedname at 8:45:25 PM ET

Coming Features @ CnC: Unleashed

As of the coming weekend, CnC: Unleashed will bring the community two nifty new features.

1, CnC: Unleashed Filestorm

During the coming "Filestorm" period, the CnC: Unleashed staff will be posting up all kinds of files to the site. Fans are also encouraged to submit files to the CnC: Unleashed files uploader to ensure the success of this new breathtaking feature.

2, CnC: Unleashed Map Inspector

This Generals/Zero Hour Map Inspector service is brought about by Brandon - in-house mapper of CnC: Unleashed. It is for mappers - especially the beginners - to send in their maps for checking. Once they are sent, the CnC: Unleashed in-house mappers will modify the maps according to your specification, fixing bugs, adding scripts and making other neccessary changes. The maps will be discussed publicly at our forums, where experienced mappers may also provide their pearls of wisdom.

This feature is different from normal mapping forums in a way that everyone actually has a copy of the map that has to be discussed. As a result, other mappers will be able to find and point out errors more directly and conveniently. They could also learn from the inspection process, thus benefiting both sides - for the good of the whole mapping community.

Make your way to CnC: Unleashed for the details.
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— Saturday, August 28, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:31:27 PM ET

GW is looking for a News Updater

We're currently looking for a new News Updater to update the home page news a few times each week. The News Updater position requires having decent English skills and the ability to confirm to our news posting standards here at Generals World.

As a News Updater, you would have the task of posting community news updates - news posts detailing the latest Command & Conquer series news from around the different websites in the CNC community - as well as some Generals World news updates when necessary.

Think you're up for the task? Fire off an email to me at MicScoTho@cncgeneralsworld.com to apply. If you've had previous news-posting experience, then that's great! If not, then we may give you a crash course and see how well you can do anyway. =)

The News Updater position, like all staff positions here at Generals World, is on a volunteer-only basis (i.e. you won't be paid for your help). As a staff member, however, you will be granted full access to our Staff Forum for staff-related discussions and will also have the opportunity to receive an @cncgeneralsworld.com email address if you so choose.

Remember, just send me a brief email at MicScoTho@cncgeneralsworld.com. We're waiting for you!

— Wednesday, August 25, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:58:57 PM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

We have a new poll up. It asks "Are you active on the Generals World Forums?" I'll be interested to see how this one turns out, as we have over 1000 members on the forums but have gotten over 3,500,000 hits. Thus, I wonder how many "quiet ones" there are out there. If you haven't signed up for a Forum account, then I'd recommend it. You get involved in the community, you get to learn more about the other members, and best of all, you get to talk about CNC!

Anyway, on to the results from last week...here they are:
What did you buy Generals and ZH for primarily?
3D graphics
Single-player Missions and objectives
I buy all CNCs!

Total Votes: 126

Thanks to all 126 of you who voted. Also, if you have an idea for a poll question, send it to Blbpaws@cncgeneralsworld.com with the subject "Poll Question Idea." Thanks!

— Sunday, August 22, 2004 —

Posted By: Luckie at 3:42:27 PM ET


We interupt your CNC Surfing to bring you important news in the Command And Conquer community. Please continue reading for a scripted 50's infomercial presentation of these breaking details...

"More CNC 3 details? No Way!"
"Yes way!"
"Well, what is it already?!"
"It's concept art. Three images!"
"Woah! What are they of?"
"You decide!"
"Wow, thanks! But what are they?"
"Why don't you discuss it in the forums?"
"Gee willickers! That's a great idea! Thanks mister!"
"No problem!"
"Uh, 'scuse me mister, but where are the forums?"
"Why, Here Of Course!"
"Thanks, mister!"

Thanks go to CNCDEN for the info!
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— Wednesday, August 18, 2004 —

Posted By: Luckie at 9:31:47 AM ET

News wrap with chicken, cheese, and lettuce.

CNC Ebay Items up for sale:
Included in this huge collection are 3 POSTERS (one from each faction in the Generals game: USA, GLA, CHINA. Exclusive COFFEE MUG that was given to employees who worked on the game. Tiberian Sun Firestorm Expansion pack from Westwood Studios-brand new in sealed box. Red Alert 2 Collectors Edition Pewter Chrono Legionnaire (2000, EA).
Special Thanks to CNCDEN For letting everyone know.

C&C DOS working on XP: Planet CNC has posted a guide on how to get Command And Conquer working on an XP machine. Click here to visit the tutorial.

New Pro:Gen release: Deezire has posted up a new release of Pro:Gen. It's an updated version of 2.3.

Skinners Needed: Vietnam Reborn needs skinners. If you can work Photoshop, you can skin. Check out my tutorial here. Email pcgamermofo@cox.net if you are interested.

Planet CNC:
Thursday, August 12, 2004, 05:41 | HeXetic At present, my own and Dario's e-mail addresses are completely unusable because they (via news@planetcnc.com) are being bombarded by over 4000 e-mails a day. These e-mails are bounce messages from a server somewhere in Finland that is rejecting messages being sent by some virus-infected fool in the states on Comcast. I would therefore like to make the following public announcement: if you happen to know who c-24-2-12-31.client.comcast.net (IP address: is, please administer them a severe beating and then instruct them to kindly disconnect their forsaken computer from the Internet, reformat and reinstall, and then shoot themselves. Thank you, and have a good day. Well, except for the guy on Comcast, that is.

I don't care if you think you are a computer genious, if you don't have Spybot S&D/NAV/AVG-free/Panda/MacAfee) and don't run both scans once a week, then you shouldn't be allowed to have a cable/dsl/other broadband connection. It doesn't matter whether you think you download viruses or not because 90% of the time, they get through a port when you're not even at your computer. That's right, when you're not at your computer. Want to prevent this, get a firewall. Buying a decent router usually works because it has a built in firewall, but incase you don't have that option, do a google search on firewall and download a software one. Also, in the case above, the person who is sending these mass mailings through a virus likely got them in his own mail. So for goodness sakes, if you don't know who it's from, don't open it. You don't open suspicious packages in public parks, do you?

EDIT: Japanese characters removed from post. -- CommieDog

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— Thursday, August 12, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 9:59:57 AM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

We have a new poll up this week. It asks what you bought Gen and ZH for.

Here are the results from last week (thanks to all 96 of you who voted!):
How often do you play with people you know online?

Total Votes: 96

Remember! Keep those votes coming! We do look at the results and are interested in them...
Also, if you have new poll ideas, send them to Blbpaws@cncgeneralsworld.com. Thanks!

— Wednesday, August 11, 2004 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 8:52:34 AM ET

Blbpaws' (Webmaster) News

Since our current webmaster seems to have deserted the site for some family get together, and our Chief of General Operations is relaxing on vacation, I'm now in charge. To show you what a contrast this is here's some news:

  • (Thanks CNC Den) Upham from TFTW(The First Tiberian War ZH mod) has sent along the following word on this mod in the making:

September is steadily approaching, and the mod is going along nicely. We are starting to work on air units and polishing up buildings and vehicles. We have released a render of the Orca VTOL Assault Craft, which was modeled by Straxovich and textured by Skulking Ferrit. The primary weapon of the GDI air force, it is armed with five salvos of TOW rockets. Also, the m113 APC for both GDI and Nod has been redone by Skulking Ferrit. Tiberium is fully functional, able to grow, be walked on, and is lethal to infantry. Unit voices have been coded in, and we are working on coding the music.

Before our first public release, extensive testing will need to be done to check for bugs and other things. If you would like to help us, please come to our Forums and tell us. We are looking for dedicated and trustworthy people who will help make sure that the mod will be (hopefully) bug-free when it's publicly released.

We are also looking for an AI scripter who can create a decent opponent at Medium and Hard difficulty levels for both GDI and Nod. Thudo might be helping us with AI, but as he is an extremely busy person, we might need another person to help us out as well. Please come to the forums or contact one of the team members.

I've also updated the units thread with new pictures of GDI units. New pictures of Nod units are to come. You can check it out here.

Sounds interesting to say the least…

  • SDI has released v1.09 of Lord Akkrand's AI. It's supposed to be harder then the normal AI...
  • Cold War Crisis has released some new renders. Also they've added a new modeler, SoliDoX.
  • CNC DEN has new maps (as always) and is in the middle of a server move.

That's all for now folks!

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— Monday, August 2, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 6:17:15 PM ET

Advanced AI Mod 0.65 Beta

Zero Hour Advanced AI ModThe latest version of the Advanced AI Mod for Zero Hour - version 0.65 Beta - is now available!  This version features updates to the China Nuke General.  The general still needs a few improvements, but it has now been updated to be more difficult than EA's original.  You can download the latest version of the mod here.

Our in-house AI guru, Lion, is currently on an extended vacation and will be until the end of the month.  He sent this version of the mod hot off the presses if you will - right before he left.  The official beta testers didn't even get a chance to take a crack at it.  Thus, this version of the mod undoubtedly deserves its "beta" title.  Although everything was tested quickly and it should work fine, this version is provided "as-is".  Nevertheless, this new and improved AI should make for enjoyable battles against computer players.  If you do find any bugs however, be sure to post them in the Advanced AI Mod Support Forum.

And just as a reminder - not all of the Generals have been modified yet.  Also, the mod only affects the "hard" difficulty level players.

For more information about the mod, please visit the Advanced AI Mod webpage.

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