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— Wednesday, December 31, 2003 —

Posted By: Unidentifiedname at 2:56:29 AM ET

Community News

When you see a random person like me posting news, you'll know that the site is severely understaffed. A list of job vacancies and each of the position's responsibilities is available here.

A lot has happened in the past week. New maps, new missions to new mods and even new sites could be seen throughout the community. A few things that are worth mentioning include the follows:

  • A Christmas Showcase for the Zero Hour mod Light of Five Stars is being held at the Light of Five Stars mod site.

  • Blitzkrieg II v026 is out as a Christmas gift for all of you.

  • The Planet CnC staff brings you 'Multiversion ZH', a replays viewer that allows you to view replays for older versions of the game without having to reinstall everything.

  • Chickendippers of CnC Community.net has updated his site's Community Banner Rotation and Button Rotation features with improved coding. It's an excellent way to advertise your CnC site for free.

    Of course, the above is only a small fraction of what happened for the past week or so. You should start surfing around the community yourself to check them all out, or, alternatively, you could read a nice little roundup of the news at my site CnC: Unleashed. Oh, and one last thing, happy new year to all of you! =)
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  • — Wednesday, December 24, 2003 —

    Posted By: Mike at 8:31:20 AM ET

    Generals World is Looking for Staff

    Hello everyone, its been a while!  I haven't had time to work on Generals World the past month, but now I'm on Winter Break (as mentioned by Luckie) and I've got some spare time, so I figured I'd kickstart a recovery with this news post:

    Generals World is currently looking for new volunteer staff members!  We need your help!  We're looking to expand our content and our downloads, and increase the frequency of news updates.  Here are some of the staff positions we're looking for:

    • Content Manager
      • Content Contributors
      • News Updaters
    • Download Manager
      • Map Testers
      • Map Creators
    • Graphics Artist

    For full information about and descriptions of these positions and more, please visit this forum topic.

    Some of the new content we're looking on adding includes articles (opinion and other), strategies, tutorials, walkthroughs, and more.  We're also hoping to add a Zero Hour maps downloads section and to increase the number of downloads we have in other areas.

    For information on how you can help out Generals World as a staff member, click here.  That forum topic also has information about how to apply to join the staff team.

    Thanks everyone, and have a happy holiday season!

    — Sunday, December 21, 2003 —

    Posted By: Luckie at 11:48:53 AM ET

    It's Dominic The Donkey! The Italian Christmas Donkey!

    Phew, how long's it been since I last posted? More than I would care to admit. Well, I would like to first take a moment to wish you all a great holiday (or non-holiday) season.

    ...And now for the news!

    • Zero Hour (v1.02) Patch is available. Go now to fix some of the missing particle explosions in the game. It's about 8mb to download.
    • CNC Unleashed is holding a Zero Hour map making contest! This is what you could win: Command & Conquer Arsenal Pack - includes five C&C games, free email accounts,& free web space on the CNC Unleashed server.
    • GenMaps is hosting a Zero Hour Mission Contest and if you win, you could get your choice of the folling kick-butt components: Seagate Barracuda 80GB Hard Drive, a GeForce FX 5200 (128MB) Video Card, or a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Sound System.
    • CNC Frontline's New Article by CrazyIvan is titled 'Where do we go from here?' and worth the read. It's not that long and asks a good question. Check it out.
    • CNC Fanworks is bridging the gap between art and videogames with a site completely dedicated to CNC fanart. It's relatively small right now and thats why you should go over their right now. It's really a great project. So check it out.
    • The Imperial Assault Mod has released screenshots and it's looking cool. So check it out.
    • Mike Murphy's interview with Cabal has been posted. It gives some insight into what the developers will do next. Here's a snippet:
      EAComMike: I noticed you have a calendar of events, are you currently running any contests or events? What about future contests or events, anything big planned?

      Scott: We are going to try and restart our chats with the developers, but at the moment with me being at University and my PC's not working too well we haven’t had the time. We do also have a contest planned for February assuming that my PC is working then. We are always thinking of ideas for new events and any contributions are appreciated... a lot. As soon as we know anything, we will let you know. As for anything big - the contest will be big, but as soon as my PC is fixed we will be upgrading to CNC Community version 2.0...with new features, new layout (maybe), and restart our promotion and try to increase interaction with the devs again. All the details are still in the planning phase though.

    I hope this has wrapped up atleast the past week. I go on Winter break from Tuesday until sometime in January so hopefully myself and Micscotho can bring a little more life back into the site. Have a great holiday (or non-holday) season.
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