Red Alert 3: World Builder

Red Alert 3 World BuilderThe Red Alert 3 World Builder program allows Command & Conquer fans to design custom maps for Red Alert 3. Players can use this map editor to create their own multiplayer and skirmish maps. World Builder was created and is used by Electronic Arts.

These pages provide a basic overview of the World Builder application.


Downloading World Builder

World Builder is not installed with the retail version of Red Alert 3. To use World Builder, you must install it as a separate download. This download is available through our website as well as EA. The World Builder for Red Alert 3 requires that Red Alert 3 be installed, as it uses the game's files. The program also requires at least RA3 patch 1.05 (download available).

» Download World Builder for RA3 (.exe file; 16.6 MB): C&C Labs ServerElectronic Arts Server


Getting Started with World Builder

EA has written a 100+ page manual detailing how to use the World Builder program. If making maps for the first time, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Download and install World Builder using one of the links above
  2. Read the "Multiplayer Map-Making Basic Walk-through and Checklist" section of the readme.txt file included with the World Builder download
  3. Consult the World Builder Instruction Manual for more detailed information about how to get started, a World Builder command reference, and several tutorials.

The World Builder Instruction Manual is provided with the main World Builder download above, but we also provide it as a separate download for convenience:

» View the World Builder Manual (.rtf file; 9.75 MB)


World Builder Mapping Tutorials

  • RA3 World Builder Tutorial
    Author: Gren
    This tutorial goes over the basics of using World Builder for the first time, covering basic tools, adding players and starting and saving your map. Detailed examples of using each tool are given in a step-by-step walkthrough of making your first map in World Builder. The tutorial finishes by showing you how to create a minimap image and adding a Readme file, which are required for submitting your map to our site.


Where are Custom Maps located? Where does World Builder save my maps?

Maps created in World Builder are by default saved to the custom RA3 Maps folder. Each map has its own subfolder, named the same as the map, within the main custom Maps folder. The location of the RA3 Maps folder depends on what version of Windows your have installed:

  • Under Windows XP:
    • C:\Documents and Settings\[USER_NAME]\Application Data\Red Alert 3\Maps\
  • Under Windows Vista:
    • C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\Maps\

Where [USER_NAME] is your Windows Logon user name.

Note that under Windows Vista, the AppData folder is hidden by default. To enable the viewing of hidden files and folders in Windows Vista:

  1. Open Windows Explorer from your Start Menu
  2. Click the Organize drop-down, then Folder and Search Options.
  3. Click the View tab in the Folder Options dialog that appears.
  4. In Advanced Settings, turn on Show hidden files and folders.
  5. Hit OK.