Red Alert 2: Final Alert 2 Map Editor

Final Alert 2 is the official map editor for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge maps. It was originally developed by Matthias Wagner, and all but the v1.02 version were officially released by Westwood Studios.

2024 Release

In 2024, Electronic Arts worked in conjunction with Matthias Wagner and community members Luke "CCHyper" Feenan and Olaf van der Spek to release a new v2.0 version of the map editor as part of Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection's release on Steam. The v2.0 version of the editor comes with Red Alert 2 when purchased as part of The Ultimate Collection on Steam or on the EA app.

v2.0 Change Log

New features for FinalSun and FinalAlert 2 (Yuri's Revenge)

- Fixed a few code issues to allow the application to run on modern operating systems.
- Updated the application icons with new 256x256 graphics.
- You can now zoom in & out with the middle mouse button or wheel
- You don't need administrator access anymore if the program is installed in the program folder, as all user data and settings are now stored in your AppData folder
- Tunnel tube editing completely reimplemented
  + Tunnel tilesets available
  + You can edit existing tubes by using the tool on the end of an existing tube
  + You can now create curved tubes
  + You can now create unidirectional tubes
- LAT support for Crystal and Swamp terrain in Tiberian Sun temperate maps
- House colors are now read from map or rules.ini
- Units and buildings are now shaded in the house colors correctly
- Voxel units now have shading applied
- Minimap can now be resized
- Undo steps increased to 64
- Map rendering performance improved
- Several fixes for crashes
- Fixed addon turrets display
- SHP turrets and Voxel turrets + barrels have their positioning fixed.
- Maps up to 400x112 (or 112x400) are now allowed.
- Fixed minimap for non-quadratic maps.


Source Code Download

The source code of the v2.0 release (March 2024) is open source and comes with The Ultimate Collection. It is available for download from C&C Labs as well:


Historical Downloads

Follow the links below to download historical versions of the Final Alert 2 map editor.

Final Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

Final Alert 2 for Red Alert 2