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#181 Posted : Monday, January 19, 2015 12:58:01 AM(UTC)
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Originally Posted by: jfftjlv12345 Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: jfftjlv12345 Go to Quoted Post

Originally Posted by: jfftjlv12345 Go to Quoted Post
To Gameanater,also, why can't you make some AA which gun is like Spectre Gunship's? Or anything that is cannon-based? Or long range(like Grumble or Chaparral)?

Which of my generals is this for? Trevor? Feng? Lotus?

I'm guessing it's for Morden?

Feng, most probably. Does Lotus or Morden have AA?
Any suggestions on my general?

Nah, don't know how to quote well.

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#182 Posted : Monday, January 19, 2015 10:21:32 AM(UTC)
Tank Destroyer
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Originally Posted by: V Go to Quoted Post
Nice general, Tank Destroyer. Thumb Up

Thank you Big Smile Cool

Currently learning how to create 3D models with GMAX so that I can make my C&C Generals Zero Hour mod even more better. :)
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#183 Posted : Wednesday, January 21, 2015 9:33:58 PM(UTC)
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So you have ideas for Flame General? Nice.................

China Flame, Explosives, and Melee General
Unknown Name

All units start with Black Napalm.
White Napalm will do 100% more damage and increases the damage output of explosives.
All bullets turn to tank cannons.

Flame Guard(flamethrower)(2 at once)(400)
Flame Hunter(flame missile launcher)(400)
Hacker(now with knife, fully stealthed)(650)
Black Lotus(now with knife)(1500)
Grenadier(has frag grenades which can clear buildings and good against all ground units)(550)
BOOM Siege Soldier(now has KABOOM mortar with MOAB damage, but AoE the size of a nuke cannon)(800)
Riot Shield Soldier(armed with knife attack and has riot shield, tank armor)(900)

Flame Master(now fires flame shells)(800)
BOOM Cannon(fires gattling tank cannons)(800)
Dragon Tank(2 at once)(1500)
Troop Crawler (comes with 8 Flame Guards and a tank cannon)(1500)
Flame Overlord(Is armed with dual flamethrowers)(2000)
UBERLORD(Has 3x the size of Overlord and armed with 4 flamethrowers and 2 BOOM Gattling cannons, can only be built once, however, comes with ALL the upgrades for an Overlord, with a radar, ECM Frier, Sniper Cannon.)(10000)
Inferno Cannon(2 at once)(1750)
ULTRA BOOMER CANNON(Has 2x the damage of a MOAB. Causes firestorms afterwards.)(2250)
ECM Frier(Disables and damages vehicles and VEHICLES alone.)(900)
Batterer(Smashes all ground units.)(2000)

MiG 1.44(well the same one)(1350)
Helix(can drop a couple of MOABS)(2250)
H-6(can carpet bomb a group of firebombs)(2750)
SU-27(supersonic bomber)(2250)
Suicide SU-27(well, self explanatory)(1000)

BOOM Defender Gun(Basically Gattling Cannon with tank cannons)(1500)
High-Temp Reactor(fire when blown up)(provides 12 power)(1000)
Cannon Fortified Bunker(Heavy bunker for 10 and fires tank cannon. Very high health, probably higher than Command Center.)(1750)

Thermobaric Orbital Strike: a satellite drops a kinetic payload and BOOOOOOM. A damage 4x the MOAB and then a very large firestorm. Costs 6500 and 18 power.

New Support Power:
Fire Shaft: Pretty much like Particle Cannon. Select the fire and it will move. Only up to Level 2.
MOAB BARRAGE:Level 1 can do 16, 2 can do 32, 3 can do 48.

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#184 Posted : Thursday, January 22, 2015 2:57:14 AM(UTC)
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Alright, here's the overall overview..... with a new edition!

General Robert Wilkes, USA Hi-Tech and Energy Weapon General
Rank: General, unknown rank
Branch: USA
Stationed: Has many stations around the world. Most notable are in the US, Europe, Iraq, and Japan.
Tactical Overview: Superior Technology
Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online

Formerly a subordinate under General Townes, General Wilkes has always been fond of high-tech weaponry. However, seeing the weaknesses of General Townes's weaponry at the time, General Wilkes started to learn from his superior's mistakes. After a while, he shifted his job to General Alexander's. However, the same things happened. He included the brand-new plasma weaponry which can take out masses of infantry, new Positron weaponry, and enhanced laser and Particle Cannon technology. He was also formerly an Avenger operator, taking out masses of aircraft while designating targets for other units. However, by the time of President Bradford, all his projects were shut down, including his Peer tank prototype. This infuriated him, since seeing the President as not allowing his new toys to battle. However, by the year 2065, all his new projects were recommissioned, now once again approved under a different president.

He has a decent army in both land and air.

As a general, General Wilkes has been always using more advanced weapons, not to mention his energy weapons, drone bombers, and orbital strikes. He also has a good defense, good enough in neutralizing heavy attacks. His main weakness, however, is power dependency, leaving his Orbital Artillery and tanks powerless if power is left unchecked.


All aircraft have PDLs.
All vehicles(including drones) can hover over water by default.

Regulars(They are armed with plasma machine guns to attack both ground and air. Uses Plasma Grenades to clear buildings.))=300.
Designated Marksmen(They are armed with semiauto lasers, can target designate, and call orbital strikes when upgraded.)=450.
Hunter(Basically a pathfinder with a railgun and fully stealthed.)=550.
EMP Missile Defender(Stops and damages vehcles and destroys aircraft.)=325.

Advanced Barracks:
Plasma Missile Defender(Can destroy groups.)=700. Requires Strategy Center.
Jetpack Trooper(Flies and uses plasma machineguns and laser cannons.)=600.Requires Strategy Center.
Advanced Officer(Boosts morale by 30% and can call in reinforcements and orbital laser strikes. armed with laser pistol.)=1000. Requires Strategy Center.
Positron Cannon Trooper(yes, uses powerful Energy Tank shell to kill)=700. Requires Strategy Center.
Energy Burton(Can attack with knife, timed plasma demo charge,remote plasma demo charge,space laser strike, Plasma Grenade to clear buildings and infantry,has supersuit to enhance armor by 100%, stealthed,deflector shield increases life further by 25%, hover jetpack is always on, and armed with automatic laser rifle.)=1600 and 1 power. If power is down he acts like a normal Burton with a laser rifle and grenade launcher and demo charges. Requires Research Center.

War Factory:
Laser Tank(Same as Townes')=700 and 1 power
Laser Paladin=1150 and 1 power.Requires Strategy Center.
Laser Humvee(Laser for all purpose attacking, including aircraft)=600.
Advanced Microwave Tank= 750. Requires Strategy Center.
Advanced Ambulance=450.
Advanced Sentry Drone(Has a PDL and fully stealthed.)=550
Advanced Avenger(Has twice the damage and lasers than it has before.Yes, since every vehicle is capable of hovering,it does as well.)=1400.
Plasma Tomahawk= 1100.
Super APC(carries 10 soldiers at once and armed with plasma projectiles.)=800
Repair Tank(It repairs nearby tanks.)= 750
"Reaper" Stealth Tank(Uses laser cannons and AA plasma missiles.)=1000 and 1 power. Requires Strategy Center.

Advanced War Factory:
Positron Crusaders(yes, uses powerful Energy Tank shell to kill)=1000 and 1 power.Requires Strategy Center.
"Eradicator"Railgun Artillery(Imagine it like the Pandora with 2 railguns from Townes' Railgun Artillery, and hovering)=1750 and 1 power. Requires Research Center.
Orbital Strike Artillery Variant One(pretty much the Athena Cannon, which can hover, but must deploy to fire)=1850 and 2 power.Requires Strategy Center.
Orbital Strike Artillery Variant Two(can fire at unlimited range but must deploy to fire)=2250 and 3 power. Requires Research Center.
Mammoth Tank Mark IV(PDL, 2 positron cannons, 2 AA plasma missile launchers, can hover, upgradeable by deflector shields)=2250 and 4 power.Requires Strategy Center.
Enforcer Tank(Uses plasma cannons and streamers. Capable of teleportation.)=1200 and 1 power.Requires Research Center.
Positron Humvee(Uses long range positron cannons to destroy tanks and works exactly like a LOSAT.)= 750. Requires Strategy Center.
The Peer Tank- An experimental super heavy tank that is armed with 2 super heavy positron cannons, has a PDL and AA laser, has plasma missile pods that attack both ground and air, can hover over water, has nanobots to repair itself and other vehicles around its vicinity, has deflector shields, can upgrade to Dual Super Heavy Particle Cannons and Dual Super Heavy Solar Cannons. Has modular weapons as well, such as Mobile Bunker, pulse cannons to attack infantry and aircraft, a missile jammer, and a railgun to attack targets at long range. However, it can only be built once in the field. Costs 10000 and 50 power.
Requires Research Center and Advanced Laser Uplink Cannon.

Air Field:
King Raptor Mark II(Has PDL and has 10 plasma missiles, can deploy countermeasures more often.)=1250
Laser Comanche(uses laser cannons and plasma projectiles)=1350
2037 Drone Bomber(Unmanned and fast drone bomber)=1000
Plasma Nighthawk(drops plasma missiles)=1500. Requires Strategy Center.
Banshee Fighter(uses laser cannons and plasma missiles)=1500. Requires Strategy Center.

Advanced Air Field:
Plasma Aurora Bomber=2000. Requires Strategy Center.
ETA 2 interceptor(like the Star Wars one, armed with lasers,3x faster than the fastest unit in the game)=1400. Requires Research Center.
Laser Stealth Prototype Fighter(yeah, a prototype, a new model)=1750. Requires Strategy Center.
Orca(can bring 5 soldiers and has fireports, armed with Plasma bombs and plasma machineguns)=1800. Requires Strategy Center.
Space Battle Cruiser(Armed with automatic laser cannons, can attack anything INCLUDING aircraft, and uses the Solar Cannon ability to incinerate anything in its way.)5000 and 10 power. Requires Research Center and Advanced Laser Uplink Cannon.

Advanced Laser Turret=1250 and 4 power
Plasma Patriot=1000 and 4 power
EMP Patriot=1000 and 3 power
Laser Designator Base(same as one in Shockwave)=1000
Railgun Turret=1250 and 1 power
Research Center=2250 and 5 power
Advanced Barracks=500 and 2 power. Requires Strategy Center.
Advanced War Factory=2000 and 3 power. Requires Strategy Center.
Advanced Air Field=1000 and 2 power. Requires Strategy Center.
Advanced Cold Fusion reactor(Supplies 10 power.)=650
Advanced Laser Uplink Cannon(superweapon. Has better damage and longer duration and faster speed than an ordinary Particle Cannon. Its color is red like Townes' one in ShW.)=4000 and 15 power. Requires Research Center.

Plasma Grenades (They can target almost any ground unit. Clears infantry from buildings.)=900.
Deflector Shields(all units will receive 25% less damage.)=1000
Advanced PDLs(fire faster)=2000
Orbital Strike Designation for Designated Marksmen=1400
Focusing Crystals for all laser weapons=2500
High Heat Weaponry(for all plasma and positron weapons)=2500
Focused Railguns for all rail guns(including the Hunter and the Eradicator.)=2500
Laser Gun(for Sentry Drone)=400
Advanced Control Rods Upgrade(Gives 300% power, all in all 40 per power plant.)=250
Solar Reactors(Reduces power requirement for every unit. Units with 1 power requirement will not require power. Peer only requires 40 power.)=1800
Energy Reactors-Increase damage of all units and reduce power requirement even further.Peer only requires 30 power.
Units with 2 power requirement will not require power. Costs 3000.
Composite armor-25% faster and more armored tanks. Costs 2000.
Still has old upgrades, but a bit cheaper.

Orbital Strike Atrillery at 1-star , 1 point
Advanced Spy Drone 1-star, 1 point
Advanced Emergency Repair(1-star to 3-star)1 point per level, up to Level 4(Level 4 is capable of recovering vehicles)
Hunter,1-star, 1 point

Space Laser Strike- Bombard the area with 30-60 lasers from space. Rank 3 and levels only twice.
Positron Bomber Strike(Carpet bombs the area with a 2018 concept bomber and leaves fire traces, drops twice simultaneously), 3-star, 1 point,once only
2037 Bomber Strike(bombards the area with plasma projectiles and plasma missiles, burning the area afterwards, much like a mix of A-10s and napalm strikes), up to Level 3, 3-star, 1 point per level
Advanced Specter Gunship(bombards area with plasma projectiles and laser cannons, burning the area,up to Level 3)at 3-star, 1 point per level
Advanced Paradrop(Paradrops a group of Regulars,Designated Marksmen, EMP Missile Defenders, and Laser Humvees at a location. Up to Level 3) 3-star, 1 point per level.

RKV Strike replaces Fuel Air Bomb(A kinetic payload is catapulted VERY FAST from space, dealing massive damage over a large area upon impact)at 5-star, 1 point
Advanced EMP bomb strike(A 2018 concept bomber drops 2 EMP bombs, disabling everything including infantry),5-star, 1-point

A repost of the old one, to be more elaborate.
And, if you plan to replace this general with an old one, replace the Laser General with this one.

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#185 Posted : Wednesday, March 18, 2015 7:34:02 PM(UTC)
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Why is general making so long deactivated?
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#186 Posted : Wednesday, March 18, 2015 9:34:35 PM(UTC)
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General... Ah who are we kidding, hes just your neighbor Joe.

Civilian (or Generic) General Joe:
Hes just your average Joe, literally. He didn't like his neighborhood being overrun with china men, blown to pieces by a particle cannon, or garrisoned by the GLA, so he decided to take up arms and fight!

-Builds civilian buildings... all (most) of them
-Can build already captured tech buildings (Oil Derricks, Firebases, Hospitals you name it)
-Hospitals for upgrades
-Command Center needs to be an inconspicuous shack
-Comes with radar (The television inside the shack)
-Generic civilian buildings can train troops that automatically garrison themselves
-Can build those brown barrels that explode like demo traps.

-Forklift for Dozer type thing
-That generic tank thing, I can't think of the name right now... The one that's included in the game.
-Troops are variants of wandering civilians or mob members, each variant has a specific weapon (Like the mob with the pistol, or rock or Molotov cocktail).
-Cropduster for aircraft. Built in the Quonset hut or barn.

Actually you can't use these ideas because I am implementing them!!! Just kidding... Who would want a Civilian General?

I build mods.
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#187 Posted : Saturday, August 22, 2015 7:16:30 AM(UTC)
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- Class II ISG - Imperial Super-Weapons General.

Plasma and EMP additions all round; with just a sprinkling of Napalm, For good measure <

Emphasis on a Deep Red attire, With A military Grade Lambo at the CORE!

Military Grade Lambo,

- - - - - - - - - - THE CORE - - - - - - - - - -

Any Questions?

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#188 Posted : Saturday, September 26, 2015 9:01:00 PM(UTC)
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In an attempt to breathe some much-needed life into CncLabs.....

USA Generals Abilities General

General Catherine Paladin

-Starts with Paladin

-Pathfinder from start, but takes twice as long to train and costs $50 more.

-Starts with Spy Drone

-Starts with Stealth Fighter

-Emergency Repair 1 available at 1 star general rank

-A10 Strike 1 has two A10s, A10 Strike 2 has 3 A10s, and A10 Strike three has 4 A10s

-Has three levels of Spectre Gunship like the SupW General

-Paradrop comes with 5 Missile Defenders in addition to Rangers at level 1, 10 at level 2, and 20 at level 3.

-Fuel Air Bomb starts as a MOAB

-Can build up to 3 Strategy Centers


-All units aside from Rangers, Missile Defenders, Chinooks, and Humvees, or otherwise specified, cost $100 more

-Cannot build Aurora Bomber

-Firebase only has the turret and cannot be garrisoned.

-Lacks Hellfire Drones

Any old friends still on here can add me on discord @jcdenton2187. I'm far more likely to respond there.
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#189 Posted : Thursday, June 30, 2016 6:37:20 PM(UTC)
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It's been lotsa time since the last time, but got some new info on the flame gen, that you will probably like it (and thanks you guys for giving me some ideas).

Flame General.

Yuan Fang Tsung had a horrible and ruthless childhood. The same kind of ruthlesness that made her being so psychopatic towards almost anybody when enraged. However, in the military she found that there could be a place for her, somewhere where she might unleash her wrath and evil without social punishment. She is a true force of evil and while publishly admiring chairman mao, some rumours state that she was secretly researching on some WWII Nazi weaponry as well as some of their "methods".


- Black Napalm Upgrade already researched.
- Red Guard replaced with flame guard, able to clear buildings and engage vehicles and base defenses. Much like Thrax's toxin rebel.
- Red Guard not produced in pairs, only single.
- No Battlemaster.
- Gat Tank cost normal
- Infantry cost normal save for black lotus who costs 1800
- Troop Crawler cost 2400
- SuperDragon Tank, a heavy upgraded variant of the standard Dragon Tank that comes with 2 tank hunters in fireports that can engage aircraft. Also have 15% more life, and costs normal.
- Since unconfirmed rumours of her secret "research" have reached some of the highest authorities in China, Overlord tanks are out of her reach, as well as nuclear weapons like the Silo, EMP bombing and the Nuke cannon. If she is still there is because of her proficiency.
- Black Lotus can use fire grenades to defend herself (she can attack), and while not as efficient as col burton, at least she can somehow defend herself.
- Inferno cannons cost normal (900).
- No neutron mines.

And now the big deal...

- Even when she can't access to the nuke silos, it doesn't mean she's unarmed. The propaganda centre has an upgrade, fruit of her investigations on WWII secret weaponry (specially the NStoff). Welcome the WHITE NAPALM UPGRADE (2500 cost)
* WNU increases 50% the firepower of all flame weapons.
* WN weapons are far more compact. Once upgraded Mig fighters will be able to fire 4 missiles at a time. They may also produce a huge firestorm with just 2 strikes.
* Tank Hunters will now deal a very small area DMG, but no dmg increase.
* WNU grants access to Flame's Superweapon.
* Since WNU is far more compact, a new research is granted, guided artillery rounds for inferno cannons at 1000 cost. With this upgrade, Inferno's shells will be guided against vehicles (like Tomahawks).

- While she has no nukes, she can build an artillery command with special customized incendiary shells. Each shell do A LOT of damage and create a firestorm over HUGE areas. Fire Artillery commands require less power that other superweapons and cost 4500, having a cooldown of 4 minutes.

- Her War Factory, Barracks and Airfield will surely create a firestorm when destroyed.

And Now to the Powers.

Tier 1

- Flame guard veterancy
- Inferno canons are built as elite.
- Fire extinguishers allow repairing buildings instantly (heal 25% more on each tier)
- Since she is a proficient torturer, "enemy intel" power allows to remotely scan any area of the battlefield and reveal hidden units (much like the US satellite).

Tier 3-4

- Carpet Bombing with incendiary bombs
- Mines do benefit from flame upgrades (no firestorm though)
- No Frenzy (it's replaced with fire extinguishers)
- No emergency repair for vehicles.

Tier 5

- Instead of EMP, she has Napalm Strike with 3 H6k bombers firing missiles over a target area, dealing damage and firestorm.


Now this time i hope it's not way too overpowered...i mean XD

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#190 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 10:26:53 AM(UTC)
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Dollmaker General. Elegent french dolls.

Dollhouse - $1500 - Where all of the dolls are made from.
Depot - $2000 - Drop-off point for doll raw material.

Sentinel - $1100 - Powerful Laser-based Static Defense
It one-shots infantry and light vehicles. Long reload.

Assembly Line - $2000 - Produces armored dolls.
Launch Pad - $2000 - Produces VTOL aircraft.

Castle - $2800 - Heavily fortifed fortress.
Build Limit is 2.
It can be garrisoned with Dolls to shoot out from the parapets.
Can be upgraded with Murder Holes so that it has a weapon on its own.
Holds tech(choose between doll armor, doll weapons, vehicle armor, vehicle weapons, choice is permanent for that instance of the building.)

Puppeteer - $1000 - Builder unit, resource gatherer
Ability: Doll Attack - Can summon 5 of either melee dolls at a cost of resources. Summon time hefty.
Knight Doll Summon $1200
Lance Doll Summon $1800(Requires Depot)
Knight Doll - $200 - Medium Melee Infantry
Strong vs Infantry(they're very durable)
Weak vs Aircraft, Armored Units
Lance Doll - $300 - Light Anti-Armor Melee Infantry
Requires Depot
Strong vs Infantry, Light to Medium Armor
Weak vs Aircraft, Infantry
Gun Doll - $300 - Light Ranged Infantry
Requires Depot
Strong vs Aircraft, Infantry, Light Armor
Weak vs Medium to Heavy Armor
Ability: Spin - Shoot slow bullet projectiles in ALL directions.
Ability: Spray - Shoot slow bullet barrage in a small cone.
Defender Doll - $500 - Medium Ranged/Support Infantry
Strong vs Aircraft, Armored Units, Missiles
Weak vs Aircraft, Infantry, Explosions
Has a Point-defense laser.
Observer - $300 - Unarmed Floating Doll
Requires Depot
Stealth Detector.

Assembly Line
Goliath Doll - $1000 - Medium Armored Mech
Weak vs Explosions, Aircraft
Twin Autocannons that is all-around effective against ground targets.
Can be upgraded with Rocket Pods to engage air units.
Ability: Gigantic Spear(melee) that can one-shot most ground targets.
Rockets are slow travelling, and have a sub-decent reload time. But they pack a massive punch.
Ability: Area Scan - scans area for stealth units.
Howitzer Arms - $2000 - Heavy Long-range, Anti-armor Mech
Requires Castle
Weak vs Aircraft
Essentially a sniper in mech scale.
Heavy Truck - $1000 - Heavy Transport/Support Vehicle
Essentially a troop crawler with an Avenger's designator gun.
Can transport 10 dolls.
Does not come with infantry like the troop crawler does.
Great Genji - $1300 - MLRS
Two firing modes: Burst Fire - shoot several smaller missiles(shorter reload, low damage, very high scatter), Twin Fire, shoot two bigger missiles(longer reload, big damage, small scatter)
Very fragile and slow.
Great Doll - $4300 - Super Unit
Build limit is 1.
Requires Castle and Rank 6
Two Modes:
Ground Mode- Super Autocannons, Twin Fire Genji Missile
Ability: Barrage - Barrage a large cone with its autocannon.
Aerial Mode- Macross Missile Massacre, Gatling Cannons
Ability: Cloud Mine - Release a mine field for air units.(essentially flying demo traps, they blow up by proximity only but have a time limit that auto-detonates them)
Angel Doll - $1450 - Flying Laser weapons Mech
Requires Launch Pad
Ability: Scorch - Bombard Area with lasers
Ability: Prismatic Missile - Launch Homing Lasers at target

Launch Pad:
Gun Plane - $1000 - A vtol jet version of the gun doll
Blooming Flower - $1300 - A missile-spaming jet
Very Inacurrate against ground targets.
Fire Bomber - $1600 - Does exactly what it says in the tin.
Requires Castle
Supersanic, works like Aurora only with firestorms.
Elegant Doll - $3000 - Hero Unit
Build limit is 1.
Requires Castle and Rank 3
Twin Miniguns
Shell Cannons- for engaging ground armor
Gives motivation and healing to nearby troops.
Summon Angels - $5000 - Summon 3 Angel Dolls
Mini Doll Options that help attack and spot stealth units.

This one sounds so generic. But with dolls!
Like ya' know those, elegant looking maid dolls?

Doll Drop Zone
-Spawn a drop zone for instant deployment.
--It acts as a forward factory that builds units from the dollhouse and assembly line(except Angel Dolls and Great Doll).
--The player does still have to follow any requirement that unit has.
--Training units from here is several times faster but costs more.
--It has a time limit before it autodeletes itself.
--Comes in three levels each with increasing time limit.

Doll Ambush
-Level 1: 3 Lance Dolls, 4 Gun Dolls
-Level 2: 5 Lance Dolls, 4 Gun Dolls, 3 Knight Dolls
-Level 3: ^ + Angel Doll

Doll Tennacity
-Repairs and motivates units.

Doll Paradrop
Costs 3 Points.
18 Knight Dolls
12 Lance Dolls
15 Gun Dolls
8 Defender Dolls
6 Goliath Dolls
2 Howitzer Arms

Upgrades(all from castle):
Doll Armor Lv1 - $1500 - +20% resistance to all damage types for dolls
Doll Armor Lv2 - $2500 - +150 health to all dolls
Doll Weapons Lv1 - $1500 - +30% to all doll weapons
Doll Weapons Lv2 - $3000 - +15% to all doll weapons(from +30%)
Vehicle Armor Lv1 - $2200 - +20% resistance to all damage types for vehicles(this also includes aircraft)
Vehicle Armor Lv2 - $3000 - +150 health to all vehicles
Vehicle Weapons Lv1 - $2500 - +20% to all vehicle weapons
Vehicle Weapons Lv2 - $3200 - +10% to all vehicle weapons

Rocket Pods - $1000 - Goliath Dolls can now engage air units
Doll Production - $2000 - 30% discount on all UNITS.
Recycler - $1500 - Depots will generate low income but steady on their own without gathering resources.
Cloned Drops - $2000 - Doll Drop Zones will double the drops per single order at the same price
Murder Holes - $1000 - Upgrade THIS castle with pop-up guns.

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"It's precision_bomber."

Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

Next Episode:
precision_bomber's Zero Hour SCIENCE!
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Originally Posted by: Zatsupachi Go to Quoted Post
Dollmaker General. Elegent french dolls.

I don't know what you've been smoking, but I'd like to try some.
If you need help, post in the forum. You'll get help a lot faster than if you send me a PM.

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#192 Posted : Thursday, July 7, 2016 9:23:31 PM(UTC)
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Funnily enough a lot of those are very doable.
Modelling the french dolls are going to be a nightmare though(I think I'm done with nearly all infantry types in my mod, I can finally move on completing the third faction)
"It's precision_bomber."

Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

Next Episode:
precision_bomber's Zero Hour SCIENCE!
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#193 Posted : Tuesday, July 12, 2016 8:59:56 PM(UTC)
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HEheheeh nice doll general Big Smile

But, what about her disadvantages? U know, all generals need disadvantages to be... balanced.
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#194 Posted : Wednesday, November 30, 2016 12:16:05 PM(UTC)
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Don't know if bump is bothersome or create new thread but.

AK47 General

-Mikhail Kalashnikov Monument - 3000 - Command Center and Barracks. Armed with 4 AK47 Turrets.
-AK47 Stash - 2000 - Supply Center
-AK47 Dealership - 2500 - War Factory. Produces 20 credits every 5 seconds.
-AK47 Launch Pad - 1500 - Airfield. Protected by AK47 Turret.
-AK47 Gatling Tower - 1200
-AK47 Research and Development - 3000 - Tech Building
-AK47 Strike Cannon - 5000 - Shots a laser pointer that rebounds of a satellite and Subspace AK47s shoot at the target.
-AK47 Storm - 8000 - Shots a hail of Really huge 7.62 rounds.

-AK47 Grunt - 200 - Main soldier and Builder
-L.AK47 Defender - 400 - A soldier carrying an oversized AK47
-Not Boris - 1500 - Can call AK47 Airstrikes

-Kalashnikov Tank - 1000 - Main Battle Tank.
-Kalashnikov Crawler - 2000 - An assault transport filled with 8 AK47 Grunts.
-Kalashnikov CIWS - 800 - A tank with a modified AK47 that increases bullet expulsion, effectively making it anti-air.
-Kinetic Kalashnikov Tank - 3000 - Heavy Tank and Artillery.
-Kalashnikov Disruptor - 1000 - Armored Anti-infantry(sniper). Can disable buildings.
-Kalashnikov Chopper - 1800 - AK47 on a propeller, and can barrage with more AK47s
-Kalashnokov Interceptor - 2000 - Standard Jet, has a rotary AK47 gun for sustained fire.

-Full-metal 7.62 - 2000 - deal 50% more damage on all weapons.
-Bottomless Mags - 5000 - Command Center has global frenzy effect.
-AK47 drone - 400 - per unit, for all units - unit can launch AK47 drone.

Special Power:
-Rank 3-
-AK47 Airstrike
-Elite AK47 Squad Drop - Drops elite AK47 Grunts and L.AK47 Defenders
-Rank 5-
-AK47 Storm - unlocks AK47 Storm
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Hello again guys! I haven't seen you again in a long time. I've been waiting for new generals to come in since the last time I left. I already have created three, the Hi-Tech, Rapid Deployment, and my own Flame General(there are 3 of these)
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Name: Lei Sūn

Country: China
Branch: Navy
Rank: Admiral

Special features:


 A. Nationalism
 B. Veterancy all infantry.
 C. UAV Recon
 A.Artillery barrage from destroyers near coast (20 shells)
 B.Artillery barrage from destroyers near coast (50 shells)
 C.Artillery barrage from destroyers near coast (80 shells) (you can destroy a enemy commandcenter)
 D.Deploy Sentry guns in the battlefield x4 (ATGM+Stealth+MG)
 A.Deploy parachutes from the PLA Special Forces x10
 B.Barrage of Tomahawks from destroyers x10


 .Navy Corpsman (QBZ-95+PF-89)
 .No Rocketlauncher 
 .Black Lotus without stealth
 .No Hacker
 .No Sniper 


3.Ground Vehicles
 .Type 86 (can carry 10 soldiers)
 .Type 85 (can carry 8 soldiers) (heal nearest units, everything)
 .Type 91 (with rocket launcher upgrade like humvee)
 .ZFB08 (extreme fast for recon)
 .FAW MV3 (this one is availabe in the barracks, cost 1100 and comes with 10 navycorpsmans)
 .YW309 can divert rockets and support other units with laser lock.


 .Changhe Z-8 (can transport 10 soldiers and lift trucks or cars no tanks, soldiers can be garrisoned inside) 
 .J-10 air and ground targets (different missiles for each targets) (flares and chaff available)


5. Super Weapons
 .No Super weapons


6.Internet Center 
 .No internet center


7.Propaganda Center
 .Infantry Training (Increase 30% the velocity of the infantry)
 .Mechanics program (Increase 40% the velocity of all ground vehicles)
 .Sìhǎi Lóngwán (All units will fight more hard and fast, bonus for +5 units)


8.Money plataforms:
 .Like USA, but a helicopter will land and drop $2600 every 4 minutes. This helicopter can't be attacked or destroyed.


9.Sea maps: 
 .In sea maps you will have 4 Destroyers that can attack air,ground and surface targets with rockets, chainguns and cannons (HE cannons 30mm)

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This are some generals I came up with a little bit ago, I attempted to create them myself, but I'm not very experienced in the field of modding. Anyway, here they are:

(GLA) Arsine (Gas) General (Dr. Nox)
  • Similar to Toxin General.
  • Instead of Toxin Tractors, there are Arsine Trucks, similar to Dragon Tanks.
  • No Scorpion Tanks.
  • Instead of Toxin Rebels, there are Arsine Rebels.
  • Arsine kills slower than toxins, but remains in the air longer.
  • Instead of Demo Traps, there are Arsine Traps, no explosion damage.
  • When buildings are destroyed, they release Arsine.
  • Tunnels Networks are constantly surrounded by Arsine.
  • There is no friendly damage caused by Arsine.
  • Missiles release Arsine.
  • Instantly kill garrisons.
  • Arsine is yellow.
  • Arsine slows vehicles.
  • Terrorists make a Arsine cloud.
  • Replace Anthrax Bomb with Arsine Air Strike.
  • Bio Bomb is replaced with Arsine Bomb.
  • Toxin Shells are replaced with Arsine Shells.
  • No Anthrax Beta.
  • No Sneak Attack.
  • Booby Traps release Arsine, no explosion damage.
  • Replace Jarmen Kell’s Sniper Attack with an Arsine Igniter. (Causes vehicles to spontaneously combust, releasing an Arsine Cloud.)
  • Arm the Mob gives Angry Mobs a constant Arsine Cloud.

(USA) Intel General (General Ryan Randel)
  • Spy Satellite has a larger radius.
  • Intelligence lasts longer.
  • Scout Drones are undetectable.
  • All units have a larger sight radius.
  • Missiles and Fire Base bullets reveal fog.
  • There are American Hackers.
  • Capturing buildings takes less time.
  • Capture Building ability is already available.
  • Higher Ranks are reached faster.
  • You can have two Colonel Burtons.
  • Flash Bangs are already available.
  • Chemical Suits are already available.
  • Supply Lines are already available.
  • Advanced Training is already available.
  • Drone Armor is already available.
  • Humvees start with TOW Missiles.
  • Comanches start with Rocket Pods.
  • Countermeasures are already available.
  • Sentry Drones start with Sentry Drone Guns.
  • Laser-Guided Missiles are already available.
  • Fuel Air Bomb is replaced by the Mother of All Bombs.
  • Pathfinders are already available.
  • Stealth Fighters are already available.
  • Spy Drones are already available.
  • Particle Cannon beam lasts longer.
  • Cold Fusion Reactors start with Control Rods.

Anyway, hope you like them. If someone could make these a reality, that'd be incredible!
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Your USA Intel general has no drawbacks.
It would be a bit overpowered dont you think?

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Yea, I guess you're right. I'll see what I can do!
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Let's see if we can revive this topic. Cool

I'm considering adding this General into my mod, Generals Domination, albiet under different names. So this could serve to get some ideas out there and see about balancing.

China Psychic Propaganda General

Yuri uses advanced Propaganda and Psychic technology to defeat his enemies

A man of unknown origin and age, Yuri has become one of the most deadly generals of the PLA despite never even serving in their main army. How or why he just jumped to being a general is unknown, but the Chinese government doesn't seem to mind. Yuri has modified a great deal of China's arsenal to enhance their Propaganda technology to the point where they can fully convert enemies to their side. Rumors persist that Yuri is of Russian origin, but there are no records of his existence to support any such theories. In fact, some suppose he is even from another timeline featuring a vastly different set of World Wars that he served in, despite not appearing to be terribly aged himself.

Units are maybe 10 percent more expensive unless otherwise stated.

Starts with Subliminal Messaging.

All Propaganda has 25% greater range.


Mind Guard:
Trained one at a time for the same cost as two Red Guards. Mind Guards attack with pyrokinesis that creates a tiny bit of fire on their targets. They can create large firestorms but require very large groups to do so (at least 15).

Benefits from Horde and Black Napalm.

Brain Hacker:
A Hacker capable of permanently mind controlling any ground unit with a cooldown of 40 seconds. He does so by deploying his laptop and streaming propaganda directly into the unit's brain, causing them to switch sides after 5 seconds. Also provides

Psychic Lotus:
A Black Lotus with numerous psychic enhancements attached to her. "Hacks" and Captures buildings with her brain instead of a lap top. Slightly more HP and armor than a standard Lotus.

- Captures buildings 10 percent faster. (Still not as fast as Super Lotus.)
- Can permanently mind control a ground or air unit every 20 seconds.
- Can unleash a large blast of psychic energy that insta-kills infantry and disables vehicles, with a cooldown of 15 seconds.
- Cannot disable vehicles normally.
- Cannot steal cash.


Battlemaster unavailable

Gattling Tank is faster but a little more fragile for the same price as a normal Gatt.

Dragon Tank is replaced with a Psychic Light Tank. Attacks with similar pyrokinesis to the Mind Guard, and generates a fire field around itself like a Toxin Tractor instead of fire walling. 10 percent more expensive than Dragon Tank.

ECM Tank costs the same as is now called the "Telepathy Tank" and can disable buildings.

Listening Outposts are replaced with the Psychic Outpost. Only carries a single Mind Guard but can use "Psychic Reveal" to reveal ground like a Radar Van.

Troop Crawlers are replaced by Mind Crawlers which provide a Propaganda boost to units. Carries 8 Mind Guards, but they must leave the Crawler to attack.

Propaganda Lords
are basically just an Emperor Tank with less health, but they do have a better Prop Tower.

Inferno Cannons are replaced with Psychic Longshots. They are functionally similar except that they fire through walls and cannot create firestorms, instead dealing EXPLOSION damage.

Nuke Cannon unavailable.


Psychic Propaganda Tower:
Can mind control a single unit from medium distance every 30 seconds.


Subconscious Messaging:
Further increases the power of Propaganda.

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