C&C Labs News Wire

— Saturday, March 20, 2004 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:10:03 AM ET

Email Virus Warning

I would like to warn all C&C Generals World visitors to immediately delete any emails from any of the following email addresses, as they may contain viruses:

  • staff@cncgeneralsworld.com
  • admin@cncgeneralsworld.com
  • youraccount@cncgeneralsworld.com
  • news@cncgeneralsworld.com

Please disregard any and all emails from the email addresses above, even if the subject claims that it contains "important information for your account," or the like.  However, please be aware that Generals World has not been infected with a virus, as none of the above email addresses are actually real.  These emails are fake email addresses that are being "spoofed" in an attempt to infect unsuspecting visitors with viruses.  Any emails you may receive from these email addresses were not sent by Generals World staff. 

Generals World and the Generals World staff team will contact you only from the email addresses listed on the Generals World Staff page.