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— Friday, October 17, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:33:21 PM ET

Fan Map Contest Results

I believe the saying went "it's better late than never."  That certainly applies in this case.

Here are the long awaited results of the Fan Map Contest.  Winners have by now received their prize of a t-shirt signed by the development team!  I've posted the top 9 best maps that were submitted.  Nine is a bit of an arbitrary number in this case, but that's how many were chosen to be posted.

Anyway, here are the top nine maps:

#9 - A Closer Encounter by cdlord
#8 - Winter Harvest by Stanga 77
#7 - River Bed by Mike Wade
#6 - SGMX1 by Skyra Starblade
#5 - Europa by Kampy
#4 - Der Damm by Da n00b
#3 - Armageddon by neo_angel
And the two prize-winning maps are...
#2 - Snow Bound v.1.3.5 by Edan
#1 - Midwater SK by hurngdak

I'd like to personally congratulate the winners of the contest for some truly awesome maps!  A special thanks goes out to the Generals World staff members who help determine the contest winners and all the Generals fans out there who entered!  If you're map made it on this list of the best maps, then congratulations; that's an accomplishment in itself.

All of these maps can now be downloaded from our Downloads: Maps page.  Be sure to head on over there to download some of these great maps now!