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— Friday, October 10, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:19:28 PM ET

ClanLeagues.Net – New Official Community Ladders

Here's a snip from a press release that may interest many of you out there.  This is a CnC community-wide initiative that many of us have had in the works for quite a while now.  The press release explains it best:

ClanLeagues.Net’s Official Community Ladders for Command & Conquer Generals & Zero Hour expansion pack..

Birmingham, UK. – Oct 10, 2003 –Featuring ladders for both C&C Generals and the Zero Hour expansion set, ClanLeagues.Net(tm) is a fully supported ladder, ran, moderated and administered by dedicated fans from the community’s fan sites that will be dealing with any form of complaint, be it cheating, misconduct or anything else that needs to be resolved.

The ClanLeagues.Net(tm) ladders feature three main ladders for Generals and Zero Hour; a standard 1vs1 ladder for Generals, a 1vs1 ladder for the three main factions of Zero Hour, and a 1vs1 ladder for the nine Generals of Zero Hour. Future updates to the ladder and the ladder system will bring new and varying ladders to the site. You can submit your own ideas to suggesionbox@clanleagues.net.

The ClanLeagues.Net(tm) ladder is fully automated; however you will need to register at http://www.clanleagues.net/ to be able to view your statistics and qualify to join the ladders. The ClanLeagues.Net(tm) Generals and Zero Hour ladders record everything possible, including detailed statistics of each game that you have played, in a similar fashion to Westwood’s Renegade ladders.

This definitely sounds interesting.  I'm sure many online players will be pleased.  To see the full press release, visit the ClanLeagues website at either http://www.clanleagues.net/ or http://www.generalsladder.com/.