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— Thursday, February 20, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:07:58 AM ET

Fire Island Map

This map deserves a newspost of its own!  RVMECH over at CNCDEN has released his latest map!  It's called Fire Island.  Here's its description:

This is a 2 player map taking place in the late evening on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. There's a live volcano and a river of lava flowing on this map...so tread lightly! Plenty of room to expand your base, and a medium amount of cash is available. The map was designed for the skirmish player in mind. Normally a battle against one brutal becomes boring after a fashion. This map is a bit different. Each faction has an enhanced AI in the brutal mode. Each faction has it's own separate script packages incorporated into the standard AI package. There are a few surprises so be wary. I doubt if you will be able to rush any of the brutal AI's and come out unscathed. Also take note that the USA Brutal does not use the "Hold The Line" strategy that is the standard but rather the "Bombardment " strat. Did I mention the birds?!

Sounds like a very hot map indeed!  The live volcano and lava is very cool -- a must have!  You can download the map from CNCDEN here!

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