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— Thursday, January 30, 2003 —

Posted By: JuvScorpion at 2:42:30 PM ET

Westwood Update

Hey, JuvScorpion here. Haven't posted or done much in a long time, as was pointed out to me, but here is a post about the current Westwood situation. This was posted over at Cnc Den

EA has definite plans to continue supporting and creating new content for Earth & Beyond, despite the closure of the Westwood studio. The game's support staff will now be concentrated in Redwood Shores. While the fact that Westwood didn't have any new development projects was a major factor in the decision to close the studio, Brown confirmed that EA has "an active plan for more games in the Command & Conquer franchise." Westwood founder Louis Castle is the only member of the studio who was confirmed to be moving to Los Angeles, but other senior team members who have been deeply involved with the series are also expected to continue working on it in the new location. The last day for many Westwood employees will be this Friday, but a transitional staff will stay on until the studio's final closure on March 31.

Contrary to early reports, virtually the entire EA Pacific team, currently located in Irvine, California, will be continuing on and moving to the new Los Angeles campus. Earlier today, before the consolidation announcement, EA Pacific's Mark Skaggs told GameSpot that the studio has strong growth plans and has a couple projects lined up, including an expansion pack for Generals.

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