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— Wednesday, January 8, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:32:32 PM ET

Frank Klepacki Press Release

This just in! It's a press release from Frank Klepacki, music artist for many CNC games.
PRESS RELEASE - Tuesday Jan. 7th 2003

Frank Klepacki has officially released his debut electronica CD entitled “Morphscape” via his website http://www.frankklepacki.com.

Known over the entire globe for his industrial heavy driving soundtracks for the “Command & Conquer” games, Frank has finally taken an opportunity to express himself in the same style with “Morphscape.”

“It’s a bit more diverse,” says Frank, “with some different types of songs mixed in that I’ve not been able to do in games before. But it still retains all that my fans have come to expect from me. Bad-ass break beats, heavy guitars, progressive techno, and some funky stuff thrown in for good measure. This is not your stereotypical repetitive non-creative loop-based jargon that any DJ can throw together, this is real composition, done with most of my own sounds and hand picked instrumentation, and live playing all mixed together.”

After 11 years in the industry, Frank is at the top of his game (no pun
intended) having recently composed the music for the on-line sci-fi game “Earth & Beyond,” as well as producing and recording the highly acclaimed CD for local Las Vegas band “Bent Valve,” complete with an electronica remix. Frank is currently also producing and recording his own eclectic funk outfit “Mo’ Friction,” comprised of the rhythm section from the Las Vegas legend “Home Cookin’.”

But for now, “Morphscape” will serve as his healthy new synth based offering to the masses. Listen to the music clips and order one today at www.frankklepacki.com!