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— Wednesday, November 6, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:21:57 PM ET

News Wrapup

Hope you're all ready for a really big news post.   Some of this news is a few days old, but it hasn't been posted yet, so here it goes:


This morning I spent some time figuring out the final disk duplication count with Shanahan.

Reading the message board here, I see that some folk are interested in giving up their slots because they didn't get their copy yet. Apologies and thanks for the feedback. Sorry we didn't get the MP test version done in time. I really wanted to hold it a bit longer to get some extra bug fixing and polish time into it.

Those of you who would like to back out of the MP test, please leave a message here with your information and I'll have Shanahan take you off the list.

For each person that begs out of the test, we can assign a new person. I think we had 23k people sign up for the 3k slots so I'm sure there are many many folk would gladly accept a disk if asked.

We're going to start the duplication soon, so if you want out of the test, please respond quickly.

Apologies again for those of you who can't participate because we delayed. We'll try to do better next time!

Thanks and have fun,

  • There's a new Generals movie out!  It is a 27-minute long gameplay movie.  You can download it here.  There is also a 440 MB MPEG version available to download here.  Now there's one video we won't be adding to our site.   Also, CNC Universe has a synopsis of the movie.
  • Generals Bunker had a Q&A with Chris Rubyor.  Here it is:

Malc: Any reason for yours and Shanahan’s recent absence from the forum?
Chris: He's just been swamped with the MP test.
Malc: Probably won’t get a straight answer but any news on beta CD’s being dispatched?
Chris: Soon...
Malc: Will the beta servers be live as soon as people start getting the disks?
Chris: Yep!

  • Generals Delayed? There have been reports that Generals' release has been delayed again.  Doc from XRA2X emailed Chris Rubyor (Delphi) to confirm this.  Here's the response:

Doc: The German site, PC Games Online, claims that the final release date of Generals has been pushed back to February 24, 2003 - is this true?
Delphi: Nope, we'll have an official date by the end of this week.

It looks like the release date may be pushed back to February, maybe not February 24th.  However, EA Germany has supposedly confirmed this date.

  • And last but not least, a rather old news item.  Skryp00 from CNC Universe asked Chris this question:

skryp00: In night missions, will vehicles have lights? i see that the GLA buggy does...
Delphi: Some do.

Now, for those of you who actually read all that, congratulations.