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— Thursday, August 8, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:08:27 PM ET

New Generals Video

Well, it isn't entirely new. Lots of bits and pieces of it have been released over the last few months. But now, finally, the video shown at E3 has been released in its entirety - complete with a commentary by Harvard Bonin! The video was released on a German fansite, CNC Community. I've uploaded it into our Videos page. The direct download link for it is here. I decided to write up a description of what is shown in it, and some of the points Harvard talked about. Here it is:
Complete Generals E3 Video with Commentary by Harvard Bonin
Length: 17:14 minutes
Quality: Fair

Major points of what is shown:
  • Scenes of GLA assassinating diplomat
  • GLA assassins being destroyed
  • Chinese command center
  • A nuke being constructed
  • A bulldozer, and a building being built
  • The Chinese radar upgrade
  • Chinese tanks are destroyed by GLA Tunnel Networks
  • Chinese troop crawler attacking Tunnel Networks
  • Migs destroying GLA Tunnel Networks
  • Dam being destroyed by Rocket Buggy
  • The flood that follows, and the town being underwater
  • A Chinese nuclear launch that destroys the remaining GLA forces

    Information explained by Harvard:
  • You choose your General once you start each mission.
  • You use the Command Center to choose your general and the specific units that you build.
  • You will not know what enemy has picked for a general until you see their base.
  • There will not be a shroud in the game.
  • They are looking for a way to have infantry units "pop out of the screen a little more" because when you zoom out you can't see them as well.
  • The units and buildings in Generals will look more to scale than the units and buildings of previous CNC games.
  • The USA and China will have bulldozers. The GLA will have workers, which are basically peons.
  • The bulldozers will build and repair buildings, repair bridges, and clear mines.
  • The GLA workers will build and repair buildings as well as collect resources.
  • Each buildings' scaffolding is animated while being built.
  • Units and buildings have upgrades which are important. They were put in to add more strategies to Generals.
  • China has a radar upgrade.
  • The GLA has a mobile radar unit.
  • They are putting emphasis on having differences between the sides.
  • Each side has a specific quality, such as:
  • When destroy USA buildings: rangers pop out.
  • China has mines upgrade for buildings.
  • GLA: when you destroy a building, a cave is kept underneath it and if you don't destroy the cave, a worker will rebuild it.
  • The GLA has no power or powerplants. They were going to have windmill powerplants, but the idea was scrapped.
  • When Chinese troops are in a tight place, they will have better firing power and will be faster.
  • Pilots on the USA side (in tanks and aircraft) will be able to retain veterancy and get into other units after their unit is destroyed.
  • GLA will do just about anything, including killing civilians.
  • Generals is: "a war game; not a squad game".
  • At the end of the video, it says: "Coming Christmas 2002." Of course, this was the same video shown at E3, so that information is probably old.