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— Monday, August 3, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 8:32:05 AM ET

Two new maps for Zero Hour

We want to welcome Weepa to our mapping community and say thanks for sending us your first two Zero Hour maps. Both of these two-players maps are simple in design, yet fast and fun to play. They would be great for quick head-to-head matches. Keep on mapping Weepa!

Generals Desert
A map with 2 bases, separated by 2 fences, with 4 oil derricks, 1 oil refinery, and 2 reinforcement pads between them. AI will work on the map.
Download this map.

War Valley
A 2 player map staged in a valley with a castle and a town in the center, with 4 artillery cannons, 1 oil derrick, 1 oil refinery, 1 reinforcement pad, and 1 repair bay. There are 3 supply docks, and the map is AI supportive.
Download this map.


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