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— Tuesday, July 22, 2008 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:33:29 PM ET

Campaign for a Kane's Wrath Mod SDK

A swath of C&C fansites, us included, have begun a public campaign for a Kane's Wrath Mod SDK. While at least one additional patch for Kane's Wrath has been confirmed, there are currently no plans to release a Mod SDK for Kane's Wrath.

Unlike in past Command & Conquer games (prior to Tiberium Wars), an official Mod SDK is absolutely required in order for any actual "modding" of Kane's Wrath to take place, due to the nature of the game's engine. Without an SDK, there will be no substantial mods for Kane's Wrath.

A number of Tiberium Wars mod projects have expressed desire for a Kane's Wrath Mod SDK, to open up new engine features that Kane's Wrath has over Tiberium Wars. Our The Forgotten mod is among them.

We ask those of you who enjoy mods to kindly join us in this campaign. Visit this thread on the Official C&C Forums and let your voice be heard.

The following C&C fansites and mods are supporting this campaign: