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— Saturday, September 3, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:48:22 AM ET

Message from Apoc

Aaron Kaufman, EA Community Manager, sent an e-mail with the following message to webmaster's last night:
Hope everyone has been enjoying the celebration of the C&C 10th Anniversary. If you did not know, I have sent massive prize packs to many community leaders around the C&C community to celebrate the anniversary, and most importantly to give back for all your hard work and show of support. Ladies and Gentleman, this is no conspiracy theory, otherwise I would not be the community manager for this amazing franchise. I am pushing with passion and heart to show support and will keep doing so. The little things go a long way. I hope some of you are fortunate enough to win one of the many great prizes that were sent out.

I have a special treat for you tonight. I have made a commemorative page on our Official Generals site to celebrate the 10th Anniversary. There is an exclusive Community interview with Louis Castle, Part 1 which is now live. Part 2 will go live after the Labor Day holiday weekend. These are the top questions from the top C&C leaders around, and Louis was more than happy to answer. Note that these questions are geared towards the history of C&C, it’s a great read, and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ve also mirrored the community agenda on our page just to keep reinforcing what a great job you guys are doing.

You’ll also notice some fun quotes from past C&C developers, sharing some of their most memorable moments and how C&C has affected them personally.

We’ll have some more goodies coming your way next week, enjoy the Labor Day weekend and let’s continue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Command and Conquer.