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— Sunday, March 27, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:29:44 PM ET

New Article at CNCSeries

Rob, at our affiliate CNC Series has written a new article titled Trials and Tribulations. It includes interviews with Dario from Planet CNC and Lion from CNC DEN. It's very well written, and strikes home many of the aspects the webmasters (and general staff) have come to accept in the community. As always, here's a snippet.
"...Our community has many wonderful webmasters all with an array of many diverse talents. Maps, mods, strategy guides, articles - many of these have been created by the people behind our great community. Whilst our community may not be the most advanced, or the biggest, it certainly is one of the friendliest, with a wealth of information and resources to be found throughout. Being a webmaster is definitely a taxing experience - there are times when you just feel like pulling your hair out; particularly when you receive arrogant or obnoxious comments..."