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Edited by Joker123
Cash Bounty version of normal Twilight Flame

[Map Coding]
Made by Adriane

Date submitted: 10/24/2019
Date reviewed: 10/25/2019
File Size: 355 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: JoKeR123   

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HLH : The Apocalypse ZH version
Created By : Adrianemapmaker aka Deathscythe

Map Story:
**This is Before The Attack The Canada SafeZone ** (where first map takes place - HLH V1)
We Are The Last Man standing in the area , You and your team with Gign Commanders (Colonel Burtons)
need to survive the waves and destroy The Specified 7 Targets -hospital -airport -4garages -labaratory
... Before the Whole Reinforcement Battalion Got Arrived.

Mission Objectives: You will see it in The Game """Pls Dont Ignore the Briefing Strings Pls"""
Waves : 50 waves (if you didnt destroy the houses of zombies/and save vip.. it is infinite)

**Don't forget to read the map manual.txt and patch notes.txt before playing**

Email Me For Feedbacks :

Map Submission Date: 11/4/18
Map Review Date: 11/4/18

**Hint: this is Re-Release 11/4/18 8:45pm Version - Philippines time ** - We Found some Bug at previous Version released earlier this morning.
File Size: 260.4 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: adrianemapmaker   

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