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#1 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2018 10:05:47 AM(UTC)
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It's be a year since the release of Death Label. And well, it's popularity never really grew, since I'm terrible at advertising it's existence. Though some part of me think it's because:

a)The graphics -- I get it, they're very not Zero Hour-- or "your textures are crap."
b)It's very buggy and prone to crashes -- Yeah, this entire thing hinges on duct-tape coding.
c)It's not very balanced -- I don't have a reliable means to connect to people online/look for working copies with my friends irl to test the mod with me.

It's still one of my proudest works though, even if it's admittedly very messy.

I don't know if I will continue updating Death Label at this point, really, since, I have a lot of commitments around the first half of the year already. Mainly-- hopefully going my last trimester of college(I can hopefully graduate by April/May).

I can probably continue updating Death Label, but I feel like, I have to rebuild it from the ground up.
With updated everything, and tracking game-breaking bugs and all.

Now the other side of me, would like to also explore making a new mod.
I haven't exactly nailed down the details of it, but, it's more of a compilation of wackiness.
'Zero Hour Science' (as on my signature) was the original name of the project and it still is.
One of the concepts I've had was to have "literal" versions of the generals-- then one end, I want to make a Touhou mod for Generals-- as my Danmaku Mod kinda only really has a few Danmaku(curtain fire) units. So, yeah I'll cross that bridge when I get there and as soon as I get my mind set.

Literal Airforce General - literally everything you have are air units.
Literal Infantry General - literally everything you have are infantry.

Shrine Hakurei Incident Troops - Fields superior infantry divisions, Commandos, Hit-and-run
Boundary Devils Scarlet Mansion - Fields numerous tanks and fairy maids, Mass-producer, Zerg rush
Lunatic Offensive Legion - Field superior technology and moon rabbits, Economy-heavy, Steamroller
Youkai Outback Law Operators - Fields airforce and tengus, Balanced Composition, Shoddily-made tech
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Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

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#2 Posted : Monday, January 15, 2018 11:18:28 AM(UTC)
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Here is some advice...i hope at least...:P
Why dont you step away from a large project and make a minimod instead, the mod will be made for a minigame...
Here is an idea:
Create a few kickass mechs, 4 is a good number i think, when you play the game you will not play like you normally do but instead both players have a mech and they have to fight till the death, make a 300 x 300 map or something and create a playground for the mechs, you can randomly spawn in healthpackages where the players have to fight for to get it or you could make some traps, if for example a mech enters a certain kind of area a *censored*storm will break loose in form of groups of tanks or other stuff that attacks heavily...
When you create a smaller project you will finish it faster and you will get a good feeling about that which gives energy to start with a bigger project again, on the background you feel sjitty about it that your mod is not that popular as you had hoped for but hey we are all the same on that area, you always think that your creation is kickass because it is your idea and you made it, we all have that, i myself posted a Bankmod once, it had 800+ scripts it really was a big project, i was so exited about it, you could transfer money to other players and such and much more but it is only downloaded a few times, i felt just like you but hey what can you do about it, the game is about 15 years old now and only a handfull are still playing and modding the game...
And when it comes to your mod i think you have to look at every model you made separately and try to improve the models one by one, you already have a pretty good mod but it needs some more love...


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#3 Posted : Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:53:22 AM(UTC)
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"It's precision_bomber."

Death Label HAS BEEN RELEASED(go get v0.99):

Next Episode:
precision_bomber's Zero Hour SCIENCE!
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#4 Posted : Tuesday, February 27, 2018 10:51:26 AM(UTC)
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I think acidbrain hit the nail on the head here: Generals is an old game in a series that has been left for dead. If you want to make a mod for an RTS game and have it make waves, you'll have to make it for the ever-popular Starcraft II. I tried modding that game once, and while it had a very flexible architecture, I could never figure out how to import graphic assets properly.

Still, congratulations on releasing a finished mod. (Even if it's a year late Tongue)

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#5 Posted : Monday, April 30, 2018 1:23:57 PM(UTC)
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I feel yeah when it comes to the coding and instability. I think that's partially to blame on the incredibly poorly optimized SAGE engine and the fact that it absolutely hates modern hardware. For some reason I found even just enabling the Boss General brought issues. Any game I complete with her causes the game to crash to desktop, even when I make NO changes to her units or anything beyond just changing that one word from "No" to "Yes".

It doesn't help my code tended to also be "whatever works" no matter how unnecessarily complex it was or badly stitched together. So yeah, I know how that "duct-tape code" can be. XD
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#6 Posted : Sunday, September 16, 2018 6:55:23 PM(UTC)
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Duct tape code literally everything I created. Although I was able to complete my goal to find one of the hardest things and make it work... Somewhat. Still you sat down and created a mod and released it. Thats more then I did which I just made code for little to no reason.
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#7 Posted : Tuesday, March 5, 2019 4:35:27 AM(UTC)

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