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Natural War Zone
This is a rectangular, grassy 4 player map. The map is designed for 2v2. The Battlefield has 3 attack routes for each player defined by cliffs, the center path is overlooked by 2 civilian bunkers in between each base area on both sides, and 2 bunkers each side around the center of the map. There are plenty of supplies and a few tech buildings to capture. The map also includes a custom AI which improves the 3 vanilla factions.
Have fun!
- Name change from "Tournament Wilderness"
- Center, Flank and BackDoor paths have been widened.
- Added Ambient sounds.
- Adjusted Tech buildings.
- Civilian bunkers are now guard towers, located so they can ideally cover both flanks that lead to each players outer perimiter. They are also alligned perfectly now.
- Removed the 2 small mounds in the middle to the left/right of each side, as a result the central route to each side is much wider.
- Removed the 2 Supply Docks in the middle of the map.
- Removed custom AI as it caused mismatches and it was too buggy.
- Minor terrain detail adjustments.
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Max Players: 4
Author: niko1879   

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