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Casino Arena Style map made by the inventor of casino style maps (Drecksack, Dirtbag). Supply and Oil get spawned. Tide changes the access to base changes.
There is one center island conected with 3 small base islands. In between the base islands there is 3 more
small islands. With low tide all 6 small islands get connected. Diffrent to every existing casino map is this not a survival gamestyle.
Focus was to create a much more agressiv and action loaded gamestyle. So there is no need to wait until there is no more space for secondary income.
Fight from the beginning for every supply, oil and terretory.

Casino: There is a new scripted casino. The odds are now equal to every of the 104 diffrent winning.
You can win every kind of unit including Boss dozer. Additonal to that you can win money or speacial attacks on center.
Ive also added some bonuses that hit on the center of the island like candy bombs and spawned sniped units.

Date submitted: 8/27/2020
Date reviewed: 8/29/2020
File Size: 86.5 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 3
Author: S4LT   

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