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General Challenge Map Pack
Map Pack : General Challenge

I'm proposing the General Challenge Map Pack who regroup 7 Challenges :

VS Granger
VS Tao
VS Kassad
VS Alexander
VS Townes
VS Thrax
VS Kwai
VS Leang
Info : You will have to modify these maps before playing them :

In fact, if you don't modify it, you will have nothing in the battle even a Command Center & a Dozer/Worker

Go to World Builder, open the map you want

Edit> Edit Player List

You will have to choose the General you want to play (Example: I want to play Townes against Alexander or Tao vs Thrax)

Place a Command Center & a Dozer/Worker of the Chosen General

You are ready to play your favorite General Challenge

Info: Each Challenge is on a Medium/Hard Difficulty
File Size: 2.3 MB        File Type: .zip
Author: XJoueur50   

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