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Winter Wonder Land
A relatively large map with a good deal of INI editing and enough triggers to last through most of the scenario. Commander 1 plays as Russia in the bottom left corner, commander 2 plays as Iraq in the bottom right corner and commander 3 plays as France on the top of the map. The soviet's goal should be to mount a successful amphibious assault on the heavily guarded allied coast; while the goal of the allies should be simply to wipe out the invasion forces using whatever means necessary. The map is heavily unbalanced against the soviet players to make up for the fact that there are two of them, and only one allied player. Resources are plentiful and there are a few oil derricks around the map. Low level super weapons are available. Although this is technically a skirmish map, it should only be played with human players.
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Max Players: 3
Author: MirageTankDriver   

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